Today's Deal Ends In
Capsule 41
by pigboom 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Mar.16
by TonyCenteno 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Mar.16

Battle stats

Capsule 41

Battle stats

Capsule 41
  • Forest Spirit

  • BrushIsMightier Poster

  • Shinigami Noir Poster

  • Eeveelution Problem

  • Galaxy Forest Conservation

  • Bingewatchers

  • Best of 2014

  • LLAP

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Kwill81 4 hours ago
I've been wanting to get an Akira shirt recently so this was fortuitous.
an8bitdaydream 7 hours ago
Hey, look!  You answered me on facebook to tell me you updated my ticket - with absolutely useless info and a suggestion that I go find a package myself!  

graxnull, below, is on-point - only my package dead-ended a week ago and TeeFury has done nothing but tell me to contact their shippers - who tell me to contact TeeFury to get in touch with them.

TeeFury: Buy a Tee.  Be Furious.
Elliot Wiseman 9 hours ago

really cool

Elliot Wiseman 9 hours ago
graxnull 9 hours ago
I understand that it takes two business days to get a response but according to your online reviews this has been an issue, if I don't receive any information with regards to my order which has been on "shipped" status for two days with no movement I'll be forced to contact my bank and do a charge back asap. 

I'll be including another negative review to the collection of many your company/site as amassed online. Thank you
patevett 9 hours ago
Can you stop being a baby? Seriously. No one stole your precious nerd shirt, nor is this company trying to swindle you out of $11.
lavalamp27 8 hours ago
too funny.  I order from them all the time and always get my stuff.  People get butthurt.
graxnull 7 hours ago
Good for you, so I guess that's the exception but this sites reviews at least statistically suggest otherwise
graxnull 7 hours ago
I spent a little more than $11 lol... When you have some downtime or your head out of your backside google this sites ratings. 
solemonkey 3 hours ago
look this site is honestly slow to ship (especially when you compare it with things that people that shop online are used to aka amazon... ) This in not Amazon they do not just contact a warehouse and BAM!! next day it is out the door going to your house. These are printed to order I believe that they do not start printing today's shirts until all of the orders are closed for the day (might be day after tomorrow as, sometimes they have a second chance thing) tee shirting is a process.
solemonkey 3 hours ago
these are not those crappy inkjet iron-ons that start peeling after 2 washes these are professionally done printed shirts. so far I have never had a shirt that there was a problem with the printing . 1 did have a problem with the heming but that is the t shirt manufacturer's problem not teefury's and not we never complained. and that is out of like 20 shirts that I have ordered over 2 years time
stevreb07 5 hours ago
Dude, I have never NOT gotten my stuff from Teefury and I have ordered lots of tees and posters for the last 3 years, everything has been delivered in a timely manner, they have always answered every question and fixed any problem (mistakes made on my part when ordering) with great customer service. 
TonyCenteno 11 hours ago
Thanks everyone!
liquidcamo 12 hours ago
Both look really cool. But Capsule 41 is really awesome to look at.
ChibiLisa 12 hours ago
The Akira / Deathnote mashup is awesome.  Superimposed on the word "Akira" is the katakana characters spelling "Kira" which means Killer.  Just a play on words for those asking why this and that.  I think it's brilliant.  Very cool artist.
Christopher Schiebel 14 hours ago
I know. The second doesn't make sense. Akira already exists in Manga, cinema and anime. What does Death Note have anything to do with Akira other than he was called "Kira" by the Shinigami?
lux0rd1 7 hours ago
He wasn't called Kira by the shinigami. He was named Kira by the public /people on the internet.
LavaLampTee 14 hours ago
REALLY wish the Death Note one just said "Kira" instead of "A Kira"
Ousel 9 hours ago
"The Akira / Deathnote mashup is awesome.  Superimposed on the word "Akira" is the katakana characters spelling "Kira" which means Killer.  Just a play on words for those asking why this and that.  I think it's brilliant.  Very cool artist". - @ChibiLisa 

FallingforYA 9 hours ago
It basically says A Killer which is kind of a fun play on words.