• Regeneration Tour 12th
    Regeneration Tour 12th

    Regeneration Tour 12th

  • A Dreadful Symbol
    A Dreadful Symbol

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    "There's nothing more dreadful than the terrifying possibilities proposed by fictional horror." ---Unknown

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    A Dreadful Symbol

Daniel DiGiorgio 3 hours ago
Brilliant Mashup Tee with The Who and Dr. Who....I have it stuck in my head now!  M-m-m-My My Regeneration!
Daniel DiGiorgio 3 hours ago
brilliant mashup with The Who and Dr. Who ....great concept, fab art....click! 
GMaybee 3 hours ago
So instead of talking bout my generation its talking bout regeneration. Awesome reference.
wordbender 6 hours ago
Regeneration Tour 12th is fantastic! I've been debating it in the gallery, but now it's the tee of the day? AND the day's tee has dropped to $9 dollars again? DOUBLE WIN! Perfect way to celebrate a successful Camp NaNo. ^_^
Fantastic design, zerobriant! Love the clever Who/Who reference. 12 is quickly becoming my new favorite Doctor and his skills with that electric guitar are one of the things I love about him.
mandiappleworthy 7 hours ago
LOVE the Penny Dreadful tee!
BasiliskFang 11 hours ago
what are the references?
ahaubert80 10 hours ago
I believe the Regeneration Tour 12th is Dr. Who and A Dreadful Symbol is Penny Dreadful.
Jim Nichols 7 hours ago
It's a reference to the band "The Who"

Jim Nichols 7 hours ago
Well, Doctor Who & The Who, if you didn't know that was The Doctor.
SpacegeekNat 17 hours ago
Why don't we get colour choices anymore? :(
Mcflurries 17 hours ago
This! I want to buy one for myself and one for my sister but we don't want to match... Would it be too difficult to do white and reverse the text to black?
ursulalopez 12 hours ago
well, yes it is, the shirts should be printing in screen printing or serigraphy, so all the shirts have to has the same colours in the same places....
Rhase 10 hours ago
It can be. To screen print, each color used requires its own screen made. The artists thus have a limited number of colors they can use to prevent costs of production from becoming too high. It's entirely possible the artist designed it around using a black shirt and leaving the black areas "clear." Even if they didn't, to make the white black, EVERYTHING on the shirt that is white would become black. 
Micah Comfort 10 hours ago
We do I think they just didn't give a choice today cuz they are discounted 
SpacegeekNat 7 hours ago
I suppose that makes sense.
Daxlyn15 18 hours ago
Dr. whooooo are you.  who who, who who
Chaiiro03 19 hours ago
Since when did TeeFury start selling tees for $9?? :D
IUrbanMuneca 19 hours ago
Don't question just buy ;)
TeeFury Staff 16 hours ago
The $9 price is part of our Sunday Spotlight promotion to show new fandoms or new artwork styles! Enjoy! 
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