Who Are You?
by Raki 
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Who Are You?
Who Are You?
  • Tell us a bit about this design and what is the message or meaning you're trying to convey.

    Unlike most of my designs I do for shirts, I wanted to bring this by way of illustration, full of colors and details, plus adding a steampunk twist that gives originality to the scene. Hope you like it!!

  • Who are you?

    Hi everyone, I'm Raki Martínez, an artist from Seville, Spain. I'm dedicated to illustration, concept-art and design for some years. If you like my work you can follow me on Facebook and Twitter!! :D -------- www.facebook.com/therealraki or @Rakichi

  • Any shout outs?

    Enjoy your new tee!!

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Who Are You?
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James Kovar less than 1 minute ago
Why does it look like the smoke is saying F You?
Jason Drapeau less than 1 minute ago
"Such beautiful colors, I know, let's print it on the caca brown shirts we have."
MRender 4 hours ago
When I first saw this I thought it was Alice crossed with Tin Man, it's not, but it's still awesome! .....and I'm gonna pretend it is :)
killator 8 hours ago
i am not a huge fan of Alice, but the last one sold me due to Cheshire cat being on it.

this one is dope, not into steampunk personally, would like more Cheshire cat plz
TheRedX 9 hours ago
Another Alice in Wonderland shirt! You're trying to bankrupt me TeeFury.
killator 8 hours ago
i got the last one myself, have to pass this time, but it is well designed
improvnerd 9 hours ago
I wouldn't wear it on a shirt, but I like it. 
ladyfrost321 9 hours ago
I love this! such clever use of colors and a touch of steampunk make this shirt wonderful. 
dell3g 9 hours ago
That's actually pretty cool.. the art work is WOW