Today's Deal Ends In
Hunters for Hire
by cartooncaveman 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Feb.04
Smuggling Scoundrels
by cartooncaveman 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Feb.04

Battle stats

Hunters for Hire
Smuggling Scoundrels

Battle stats

Hunters for Hire
Smuggling Scoundrels
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RCElliott 2 hours ago
I want them both, but for some reason something about the Hunters shirt is throwing me off. I don't know what. The color? Bossk's head? I'm not sure what, I can't pinpoint it. A couple things pop out at me but not one of them is the reason I'm hesitating...
Vincent Baker III 1 hours ago
Only other thing that's stopping me from getting it is the fact that Boba Fett's armor color isn't right. It's suppose to be a greenish-blue, not tan.
rosenzweig70 6 hours ago
The shape and color of Bossk's head is stopping me short of a sale.   That said, both are really excellent.  Keep up the great StAr Wars stuff TF!!!!
agentx666 7 hours ago
I want them both.  Awesome designs.
Rex_Banner_ 10 hours ago
Really liked the design  until it was pointed out to me that Boba Fett's antenna is on the wrong side. Small thing but it's all I can see now.
Silvenium 11 hours ago
Awesome artwork, Caveman! Hope to see some more designs of yours in the future!
Garrett Stanczak 15 hours ago
If Cad Bane was on the first design, you would have yourself an instabuy. Still, really great work from both artists. You should feel proud, both.
Kein 14 hours ago
It's the same artist.
jedielf 3 hours ago
I think a Cad Bane shirt would be a huge seller. Nice work on both of these, they are both beautiful 
Vincent Baker III less than 1 minute ago
Though I like Cad Bane, I don't think his appearance on the shirt would work, as all those Bounty Hunters are Episode IV and above, where as Cad Bane was merely in the prequels.
lordbowen 15 hours ago
Smuggling Scoundrels is a great look for Han and Chewie. Kudos!
shawnbear 15 hours ago
Both designs are brilliant and beautiful.  Excellent job and welcome to Teefury, Cartooncaveman!! I hope we see more of your designs in the near future!