• Nigma Deathtraps
    Nigma Deathtraps
    Nigma Deathtraps

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    Nigma is probably my favorite part of the games and I wanted to create something built around his signature Trophy. My goal was to emphasize the question mark and build around it with a mix of his industrialism and manic-ness. Riddle me this! What letter of the alphabet can you wear?

    • glow_in_the_dark

    Nigma Deathtraps

    by everdream

  • Quinn of Diamonds - Suicide Deck
    Quinn of Diamonds - Suicide Deck

    Tell us a bit about this design...


    This is a classical Pin-up pose but I felt that I needed to convey a better image of who the character is. So I thought of making her part of a Playing Cards deck as the Queen of Diamonds. That pretty much nailed the composition as a whole.

    • artist_debut_badge

    Quinn of Diamonds - Suicide Deck

    by KimiSz

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Bill Devo 1 hours ago
This website barely runs on Mozilla or Chrome on my GAMING  PC.

I want to buy a lot of things on here.

The revamp is making it impossible.

Pls fix m8s.
Vykk_Draygo less than 1 minute ago
I'm running it perfectly well on a years old laptop (XPS M1730) in Firefox.
kaylarbear 1 hours ago
There is not enough love in these comments for Nigma Deathtraps.  For me, The Riddler beats out Harley any day, and it's such a clever and atypical.  Plus it looks great on a shirt.  I'm wishing I had the money to spend.  :c
melpkon 1 hours ago
I don't mind the new layout and I suspect everyone is complaining just because it's a slight change they now have to get used to....
On today's designs: no idea what Nigma Deathtraps means. Also apparently Harley Quinn doesn't have a pelvis...or ribcage. Her torso is all breast and no body. The image looks nice at first until you notice the distortion...
rogue34 2 hours ago
Love the shirts! The new site, not so much. And don't make it so hard to find the previous day's shirt.
DanHazard 2 hours ago
You found the previous day's shirt?  Where?
Nyamochan 2 hours ago
Please revert the website, this is an absolute nightmare to navigate, so cluttered and there are too many things trying to vie for your attention.
reidchurch 2 hours ago
Now I do not feel so stupid--One cannot see arrows on my laptop screen. Would have been dumb luck to have found them. Thanks for pointing it out. Maybe arrows could be NOT the background color?
bigdaddy777 2 hours ago
You all broke Teefury...
MechaDragon 2 hours ago
hmmm, want the quinn pretty bad, but ... I think I need to save some cash ... keep that artist coming though!
Kev43barrie 2 hours ago
Queen of diamonds - Suicide Deck is nice, but I still prefer the old style Harley Quinn!
Davidtaylorrox 3 hours ago
I don't even know which one is winning...
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