• Outlaw

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    I really enjoy the character and gave him a retro style. I´m part of the 80´s culture.

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    Purple Rain-Exclusive
    Purple Rain-Exclusive

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    My ears are always open for sad songs to add to my SuperEmoPlaylist, so when a certain song came to mind, I instantly visualized this design. My immediate thought was 'i want this on a teeshirt'. I had no idea it would turn out to be as successful as it is today.

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    Purple Rain-Exclusive

darkkari 3 hours ago
Very tempted to get Starlord
Naxela Osodrac 7 hours ago
never received my tee

pho54 7 hours ago
Love the Purple Rain Exclusive...it's like it was put here especially for me, today! Also...I think black is probably the only acceptable color for the shirt as when I saw it available in other colors the design didn't pop as well...it's perfect..thank you teefury! 
Anolee 9 hours ago
Purple Rain only comes in black? Awwh... I'm a cold person (living in cold Norway), so I can only show off my tees in the summer, but black gets too hot. :c It's very very tempting tho....
angeleys151 6 hours ago
Wear your T over a long sleeve shirt, that's what I do in the winter 
goomonger 18 hours ago
I bought the Purple Rain shirt from this site back on December 21st for $17 and now it is only $11?  What's the story, morning glory?
SirEisenheim 17 hours ago
Maybe shipping or you purchased it not as the shirt of the day?
okobojii 16 hours ago
If it's not the daily, it's not the special price. Think of it like a sale.
Prystauk 20 hours ago
Purple Rain almost knocked me off my chair! Excellent work!
shawnbear 21 hours ago
Purple Rain is (first time I'm typing this) an INSTABUY for me! Love love love love. I'm too old to be geeking out this much but I can't help it. Brilliant Purple Rain. Brilliant Doves Crying. BRILLIANT!
Woodsling 15 hours ago
<booming voice from above>
 One is never too old to geek out!
 One shall always geek out when presented with things to geek out over!
 So say we all!
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