• Just a Humble Bounty Hunter
    Just a Humble Bounty Hunter

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    I enjoy sci-fi design and particularly tech and vehicle design. For me, this ship ranks up there with the classics like the Falcon and The Enterprise.

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    Just a Humble Bounty Hunter

  • Not Your Memories
    Not Your Memories

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    This was inspired by the age-old question, "Who am I?"... or in this case, "What am I?"

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    Not Your Memories

timconklin 2 hours ago
Teefury staff:

Will there be more designs for the tanks coming out in the future, or are these it?  I've bought two from the current crop and I love them.   I'd like to order a few more, but am not a fan of the rest.

Will I be making more purchases soon, or what?
Kyuuketsuki8 3 hours ago
I think the Cowboy Bebop shirt is pretty sweet.
aendewhy 4 hours ago
will we ever get $11 tanks? 
TeeFury Staff 4 hours ago
Unfortunately, that's not in the cards right now @aendewhy :(
Letter_Q 5 hours ago
Awesome Blade Runner design.....O_O
mowlah 9 hours ago
That shirt is designed to provoke an emotional response.  I want it!  Nice work DJKopet again!
iluvrsmith 11 hours ago
In reference to the Blade Runner shirt, WOW, JUST WOW.  It's very stunning.  Well done.
TeeFury Staff 10 hours ago
DJKOPET never ceases to amaze us!
jeffreydavid 10 hours ago
This shirt looks so cool, it honestly makes me wish I liked Blade Runner! Seriously, great shirt though. Hope lots of legit fans pick it up.
stendek 11 hours ago
Just received my latest tee.. "my neighbour Alice" excellent.. thanks.. Two  "Bladerunner"  tees' ordered today...
TeeFury Staff 10 hours ago
That's awesome, @stendek!
DaveD76 14 hours ago
That Blade Runner tee is pretty epic. 
Dave 21 hours ago
What is the NOT YOUR MEMORIES a reference to?
deadhippo 21 hours ago
Blade Runner. In the style of The Dark Knight Rises poster.
Punksthetic 21 hours ago
I like how the poster for that movie is more popular than the movie itself.
EllisTheExile 21 hours ago
Bladerunner. That's Deckard on the shirt itself. 
nicole_ryder 21 hours ago
Looks like a blade runner reference 
TheDazler 17 hours ago
Hi Dave, Well, I guess this is answered by now, but Yes, it's a Blade Runner reference, and it's friken Cool (Well done DJKOPET). ...I Love how the city scape behind Deckard shapes into a Origami Unicorn. Cool!
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