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by Justyna Dorsz 
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  • Tell us a bit about this design and what is the message or meaning you're trying to convey.

    This is a tribute to two of my favourite movies. I watched them countless times when growing up. I used to draw predators and dinosaurs on margins of my school textbooks.

  • Who are you?

    An artist and designer, a programmer too, and a writer sometimes.

  • Any shout outs?

    Thanks TeeFury team! I am happy to be back.

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Justyna Dorsz
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arthurhowison1 8 hours ago
insta buy CURSE YOU TEEFURY!!!!!
TeeFury Staff less than 1 minute ago
We knew you would love this one :) 
Andreas Zuckerhut 10 hours ago
Shouldn't it say Yautja Prime?
I own the LV-426 shirt and there it makes sense, but Yautja is basically the Predator race, their home planet is Yautja Prime
Bordeaux37 17 hours ago
The only thing that could have made this shirt better is if it came with the Predators' cloaking device. 
K1dSmirk 19 hours ago
nikeeweston 19 hours ago
Haven't got a Predator t shirt, I will now. Yeahhhh
TeeFury Staff less than 1 minute ago
Welcome to the club!
Charlestee25 19 hours ago
Love me some Predator!