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Today's Deal Ends In
I'll See You Again
by diha 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Jul.17
The OP - Original Princess
by kathudsonart 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Jul.17

Battle stats

I'll See You Again
The OP - Original Princess

Battle stats

I'll See You Again
The OP - Original Princess
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Isla less than 1 minute ago
Navy or Silver for the "I'll See you Again?" What do you think guys? 
Shriner Int 1 hours ago

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Django1Chain 1 hours ago
Maybe its just me but it Seems like the Zelda fans always get their share of designs on here, its like every few days its another zelda shirt
nikeeweston 1 hours ago
I'm a gamer for 30years played zelda a couple of times, but OMG i don't know these designs specifically. I should be shot. 
Wow there are some nasty people about mocking others for not knowing these designs, I'll do that next time some things come up that people don't know, ohhhh no I won't as I'm an adult and a decent human. 
Breakability 2 hours ago
I've never played Zelda (aside from Phantom Hourglass), but I love today's designs! Great job, artists!
Spiderboom 5 hours ago
I really love the first design but not enough to wear it on a shirt! 
Make more sheik shirts~~
olopez79 5 hours ago
Wow people really don't know Zelda? !
EmeraldxStar 2 hours ago
I know right! ? Even if you don't game you'd have to have your head in the ground to not know some of Nintendo main cash in characters and games. These people have never seen the triforce!? Sounds almost illegal lol!
nikeeweston 2 hours ago
I'm a gamer I'm 40 been gaming for 30 years, I have played zelda a couple of times. I know the triforce, but I didn't know these designs. I don't mock people when they don't know the things I love. 
SkywardLight 5 hours ago
Why not black for the Sheik one? lol I know, I know. Some people are like "TOO MUCH BLACK" and some of us are like, "NOT ENOUGH BLACK!!" haha Still getting it
book 5 hours ago
Yep I am all about the black shirts  am sure that there is no such thing as too much black.  
EmeraldxStar 2 hours ago
You can never have enough black!
Valim 5 hours ago
People really don't recognize these as Zelda designs?
nikeeweston 5 hours ago
No, some of us didn't play it. How strange, it's like we are humans and have free will and all like different things. Amazing isn't it. 
fenrisw01f 5 hours ago
And anyone that didn't use their free will to play the Legend of Zelda has abused their free will.
EmeraldxStar 2 hours ago
True dat.
Gusty8 5 hours ago
What's Zelda?
book 5 hours ago
some do some don't.  Not everyone games and not everyone who games played the legend of Zelda.
VileVaVa 6 hours ago
fast looking,  i though it was saint seiya....sad it isnt =(