Sailor 'Shroom
by AutoSave 
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Sailor 'Shroom
Sailor 'Shroom
  • Tell us a bit about this design and what is the message or meaning you're trying to convey.

    Just a mash up that sort of made sense in my mind. Oh so fabulous and sparkly!

  • Who are you?

    I am AutoSave (a.k.a Chris) from the South of England. I am a huge gaming and anime enthusiast!

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Sailor 'Shroom
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Saffa 6 hours ago
Just bought two more shirts from the gallery, Ive got zero space left in my cupboard but I can't stop buying the awesomeness. my daughter lives in her batman high tops.... I am certain we are the best dressed family on the block. Loving the new look site and the collections and new goodies available. I love you Teefury.
Samjenn34 9 hours ago
So cool, love character mash ups
Jsan101 9 hours ago
Oh Bravo
Peachiko 12 hours ago
Hey, Teefury! How is the cut, for the "youth" sizes? o.o Is it just a smaller 'unisex' look, or? 
LUCKYDRAGON 11 hours ago
more of a unisex look in my opinion
Peachiko 9 hours ago
:D Thank you! .. And blah! I'm sure the kiddos wouldn't mind, but I don't like how unisex looks. :C
EmeraldxStar 12 hours ago
Aaaaaaw! I freaking LOVE the design but I can't stand peach! This is killing me! Do over please with the actual sailor moon XD
Peachiko 12 hours ago
killator 12 hours ago
love it, wouldnt wear it, but i love it
Alidoll 8 hours ago
I felt the same with the 80s shirt - loved the concept but didn't want to walk round with 80s emblazoned on my chest so passed on that one. 
vynnessia_black 12 hours ago
That is cute. I may have to buy it.