Today's Deal Ends In
Capsule 41
by pigboom 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Mar.15
by TonyCenteno 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Mar.15

Battle stats

Capsule 41

Battle stats

Capsule 41
  • Forest Spirit

  • BrushIsMightier Poster

  • Shinigami Noir Poster

  • Eeveelution Problem

  • Galaxy Forest Conservation

  • Bingewatchers

  • Best of 2014

  • LLAP

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Christopher Schiebel 2 hours ago
I know. The second doesn't make sense. Akira already exists in Manga, cinema and anime. What does Death Note have anything to do with Akira other than he was called "Kira" by the Shinigami?
LavaLampTee 2 hours ago
REALLY wish the Death Note one just said "Kira" instead of "A Kira"
FatesWarn 2 hours ago
They're both Akira, but the 2nd one is a Death Note matchup (which rocks!).
JASON_CRYER 10 hours ago
Really love that Capsule 41 design. Captures the essence really well, and always glad to see a more subtle design!
ADKboomer 11 hours ago
cap 41 is gorgeous
MRender 12 hours ago
Very nice!
Don't actually like Akira, but love both of these designs
stephreich90 12 hours ago
is the first one Matrix?
Valim 12 hours ago
It's Akira.