Today's Deal Ends In
Fight Like a Girl
by sophiedoodle 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Jun.13
My Little Guardians of Friendship
by schlogger 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Jun.13

Battle stats

Fight Like a Girl
My Little Guardians of Friendship

Battle stats

Fight Like a Girl
My Little Guardians of Friendship
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Aiden Castagno less than 1 minute ago
Drax the Destroyer's character should be green, not blue, otherwise I would totally buy it
waltsworld 3 hours ago
How can you not get the colour scheme at Tee Fury? Black is the most flattering shade known to mankind, way better than skin colour. Black says yo don't have to go to the gym and workout, have that extra donut or piece of the Colonels finger licking good fried food. That's why we love black. Now i hope that's helped some people.
EchoSix 4 hours ago
I wanted to order the My Little Guardians shirt for my daughter, but none of the size selection drop-downs highlight or allow me to use them.
As a matter of fact, the only one available is for the Men's size on the Fight Like a Girl shirt.
Does that mean you're all sold out? I thought these were made to order? 
Kathy Kachelries 4 hours ago
If you click on the color you'd like, the drop-down menu will become available.
gothamalleyviper less than 1 minute ago
Click on the color in they format (Mens, Women, Kids) you want and that will work IE Blue Kids then the drop down to the size will activate.
AllTheShirts 5 hours ago
 schlogger! Good job man! Awesome debut :D I hope to see many more awesome crossovers with your name on them! Keep up the good work!
TeeandTeer 7 hours ago
I don't get the Teefury community sometimes... When there's all black, navy, and brown, everyone complains, "Hey, why so much black and dark colors, can't we get some nice bright colors sometimes!  I have too much black/navy/brown in my closet"

Now that there's some nice vibrant colors, I see so many comments talking about how they don't like these colors!

I honestly think those pastels are a great change of pace, and a good fresh take with the shirt colors.  Good choice Teefury!
thrashingale 7 hours ago
You hit the nail right on the head. I remember when there was only one color, and we didn't even have different options to pick from. As far as the colors they do have now, I'd like to think they try to pick the colors that go best with the designs. Whether that means darker or lighter colors... people just need to get used to it.
Tommychamp 4 hours ago
And this surprise you?  No one is ever happy in anything.  This is society now.  Businesses should focus on what I want, not what others want.  You have to laugh about it, otherwise you cry.
MRender 9 hours ago
I'm allergic to pastels :'(
But I like the Guardians/Ponies design so I'm getting it anyway :)
jackalope82 9 hours ago
I love the guardians shirt, the only things is that Rocket and the one on the far right, I forget his name at the moment. They both seem to be missing tails.. otherwise its adorable. I like the mash-up.. but the colors not so much..
BlaMo 10 hours ago
How sad, A super hero shirt for my 3 year old girl and you won't sell it in XS. That's kinda pathetic. There are so few women superheroes that aren't inappropriate (Wonder Women in her bustier, Power Girl and her cleavage) that it is hard to approve of a child wearing one. They are all too misogynistic and sexist. This one had a chance and you blew it. This isn't coming from a lurker, I own 80+ TeeFury tees and 7+ posters and have about 6 more tees I am waiting for delivery.
Faolan 9 hours ago
She'll grow into a Small
SaintMike 9 hours ago
Yeah! Buy it for HER FUTURE. <3
Erin Maniscalco 9 hours ago
Same here, wanted for my 4 year old daughter. Sad, I too am an avid teefurian.
AllTheShirts 5 hours ago
Get it for her anyways! I'm a 21yo man and still buy shirts I'll never grow into because I love the design. If it's too big make it a bedtime shirt :P It's a pretty good dang design for girls. Even I'm digging it. 

[email protected] 2 hours ago
There are some shirts that cannot be made that small because of the design. It is large and would wrap around the back.
Maehnenwoelfin 10 hours ago
Love the My Little Guardians shirt, but why three colors that are simply unacceptable???
srntyvalley 10 hours ago
Ahh, I'm so tempted to get the "fight like a girl" shirt, but I have so many black tees already!