Today's Deal Ends In
by ZombieDollars 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Feb.08
I Want To Belieeeeeeve!
by TEEvsTEE 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Feb.08

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I Want To Belieeeeeeve!

Battle stats

I Want To Belieeeeeeve!
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Heather Williams 3 hours ago
Any artist reading this, I will launch money at you for a decent Final Fantasy 9 shirt! I loved 7 but that'll all you ever see these days =( I'm just useless at art! Thanks! (It's worth asking right?)
gpc_4 3 hours ago
When I look at the "I Still Believe" shirt I keep thinking "Don't cross the streams."
Raerei 4 hours ago
Ah I love them both! Two of my favourite shows. Why do you have to post such good tees in January?! 
citroncrazy 5 hours ago
As much as I want the X-files shirts to keep on coming, I can't spend my money today. I've never seen Invader Zim and the "I still believe" shirt is just too on the nose for me. I want Megan Lara or MedusaD to come up with some X-files artwork. 

good luck to both artists! thank you for representing the X-files, because it just doesn't get enough exposure nowadays
willphase1 6 hours ago
YYEEESSSSS!!!! take my moneys!!
t_freak 7 hours ago
Love Zim but the wording ruined the shirt for me. Just not that into the X-files. Nice art though.
Grim Sarjantson 9 hours ago
Bought a top from these guys for my mrs and it was terrible. Not as advertised and the quality of the t-shirt is poor.
Mothball_M 6 hours ago
My friend has had this problem, but only with the larger sizes. The small-mediums I buy for me and my partner are all fine?
Zany88 5 hours ago
that's weird I've gotten a few shirts here already, around 7ish, and they have all been of good quality
TeeFury Staff 4 hours ago
Hi Grim - Thanks for getting in touch with us and we apologize for any inconvenience. Please get in contact with us on our "Contact Us" page (under the Help) tab at the top of this page, and a customer service representative would be happy to assist you with your tees.
spab23 less than 1 minute ago
I've bought about a dozen TeeFury shirts and they've all been top-notch! It's my most reliable online t-shirt store.
Joyce Smeltzer 11 hours ago
Could you guys please make the "if I had a heart" tee for sale again? I really want to buy it. :(
codayne90 12 hours ago
I'm still anxiously awaiting digimon, since it's making such a comeback this year, or more league shirts like the Jinx one you guys had a bit ago. Loved that shirt. Would kill for a liss or thresh one.
Mike Blizman 12 hours ago
X-Files shirts, again?!  Why can't anyone seriously submit something more obscure or underserved like -- I dunno -- maybe Doctor Who?

Aaannd Scene
Simon Dechamps 10 hours ago
Ha ha. Finally a X-Files T-shirt, but I don't find them beautiful enough to buy them.