• Nigma Deathtraps
    Nigma Deathtraps
    Nigma Deathtraps

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    Nigma is probably my favorite part of the games and I wanted to create something built around his signature Trophy. My goal was to emphasize the question mark and build around it with a mix of his industrialism and manic-ness. Riddle me this! What letter of the alphabet can you wear?

    • glow_in_the_dark

    Nigma Deathtraps

    by everdream

  • Quinn of Diamonds - Suicide Deck
    Quinn of Diamonds - Suicide Deck

    Tell us a bit about this design...


    This is a classical Pin-up pose but I felt that I needed to convey a better image of who the character is. So I thought of making her part of a Playing Cards deck as the Queen of Diamonds. That pretty much nailed the composition as a whole.

    • artist_debut_badge

    Quinn of Diamonds - Suicide Deck

    by KimiSz

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Kirsten Krenicky less than 1 minute ago
wait - where are the images of people wearing the shirts? are these shirts or posters? I love the Harley Quinn, but I can't see where the image will fall on a shirt
Zugarific less than 1 minute ago
there are arrows on the side of the image that will slide to the tshirt models.  Took me a minute to figure out, think they designed this site for tablets or something.
scarecrow less than 1 minute ago
Fantastic shirts - instabuy on the Harley Quinn one.
Not so fantastic web design - a scroll within a scroll is never good and I agree with an earlier comment that the ads for the other products are kinda drowining out your main product (a daily shirt). Nothing wrong with reverting to a previous design.
puninsher less than 1 minute ago
harley quinn=instabuy. 
bald_scotsman 1 hours ago
I tried to post earlier that the new layout works very well on mobile but then it wouldn't let me enter any text! Soooo...now that I'm at my computer; the new layout works very well on mobile....but is rubbish for commenting :) PS Two extremely cool designs!!!
Isla less than 1 minute ago
It does but you just have to double tap to "zoom" into the comment box to make a comment :')
laceygirl 1 hours ago
Stop moderating comments
killator 2 hours ago
Not a fan of the new layout
Wimbley 3 hours ago
have to say i really hate the new layout... why make the items that you are trying to sell smaller an your advertisements bigger??  the new layout is just awful, sorry
Samjenn34 3 hours ago
Harley Quinn is my spirit guide, haha
taintedfire12 3 hours ago
Ok, seriously...WHAT is going on with the layout?! If it ain't broke, don't fix it! ><
meggiebeee 3 hours ago
Love the Quinn of diamonds, it's an awesome design but the new layout is awful. 
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