Fighters Against Angels
by jmlfreeman 
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Fighters Against Angels
  • Tell us a bit about this design and what is the message or meaning you're trying to convey.

    Inspired in tattoo and old framed religious composition with one of the most famous and classic animes of all time!

  • Who are you?

    My name is Juan Manuel O a.k.a JML2ART, i’m 23 , i am a graphic designer and illustrator from Costa Rica Currently I strongly devoted to t-shirt design i love make illustrations with cute, tattoo and detailed themes.

  • Any shout outs?

    To the people of for the support always and for this opportunity also to all the people who bought this shirt :) all the people who always support my work

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James Chandler 2 hours ago
Would love to get one but going by your size chart, none will fit me. It'll either be perfect length but not wide enough or perfect width and way too long.
MechaDragon 4 hours ago
How is this not selling like "hotcakes" yet? ;A; c'mon people! This design is fantastic and for an iconic series (that doesn't see a lot of particularly impressive merchandise art)! LET'S GET IT TO BEING A BEST SELLER!!!
Kibbonafide 1 hours ago
It is a truly beautiful and striking design and I really love the anime I have seen but I just haven't delved in this one ye
Kajisan 4 hours ago
Paypal worked now, Teefury you made my day again!! Thanks for all the nice designs over the years. Can't wait for the next nice one. :)
KunoichiFox 7 hours ago
The working promo code site wide is HEYFURY15
drybones91 7 hours ago
The SAVE15 code doesn't apply to the daily shirts, only to the shirts available in the gallery.
MustardDragon 2 hours ago
use this one HEYFURY15
mithrandir904 7 hours ago
This design is amazing!! I had to buy one because I am a huge fan of NG Evangelion, but is this mashed up with another show or something? I only recognize NGE.
MechaDragon 4 hours ago
It's only NGE, the three heads are the Eva, the knives are their vibrating knives, the weird skull below the eva is Sachiel (3rd Angel), to Sachiel's upper left is Ramiel (5th Angel), to Sachiel's upper right, best as I can tell, is either Sachiel's second mask or the redesigned mask of Lilith in Rebuild, above Ramiel is Gaghiel (6th Angel), above the Sachiel/Lilith mask is, best as I can tell Israfel (7th Angel), at the top is Lilith/SEELE, below is the Lance of Longinus. 
bishbosh less than 1 minute ago
WOW you must have SEEN the SHOW
Professor Finn 8 hours ago
This makes me very happy, Evangelion has to be my favorite anime of all time. and I think this is the first time I've seen a daily shirt with a eva design all I've seen before were gallery
schmooie 8 hours ago
SAVE15 promo code not working. Checkout is broken. Taxes too high. Citizens upset.
bishbosh less than 1 minute ago
God's in his heaven. All's right with the world.
InfernoRFU 8 hours ago
instant purchase. would love a gurren lagann version
shadowmoth 13 hours ago
Unable to place an order.
It took  30 mins just to be able to log in, then it gave me a coupon code offer that didn't work, now after I select a shipping method it goes back to the order screen. I've tried several times and it won't let me complete the order.
I really love this design, I hope this issue gets fixed before this shirt is gone.