• The Way of the Hero
    The Way of the Hero

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    Inspired by an iconic Hylian Hero.

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    The Way of the Hero

  • Magnum!

    Tell us a bit about this design...

    Daniel Castelló Muñiz

    Mainly, I'm am a big fan-- it's one of the movies that has made me laugh the most. In this design I have represented him with his powerful look, the Magnum, which bridles objects in the air. I have long thought of making a tribute design to the film and the release of the sequel has encouraged me to make these three. AH! And I would love to wear any of these designs :D I am looking forward to seeing what new look he will surprise us with. What would drive his arch enemy crazy?

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fixit 11 hours ago
Have you guys been scaled back on the number of shirt colors you offer to help lighten the load? Love this Tee, but my collection is getting a little black and navy blue heavy.
Jennie_jenn 21 hours ago
Blue steel all the way! 
SHAMAN2216 21 hours ago
all these zelda shirts are gonna bankrupt me
herozeromes 13 hours ago
I hear you. Zelda shirts are now only second to my Star Wars shirts. 
thesnowdog 13 hours ago
Yup, me too. I'm supposed to be paying off my credit card a bit before I buy myself a monster GPU and an Oculus Rift this year lol
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