Who Are You?
by Raki 
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Who Are You?
Who Are You?
  • Tell us a bit about this design and what is the message or meaning you're trying to convey.

    Unlike most of my designs I do for shirts, I wanted to bring this by way of illustration, full of colors and details, plus adding a steampunk twist that gives originality to the scene. Hope you like it!!

  • Who are you?

    Hi everyone, I'm Raki Martínez, an artist from Seville, Spain. I'm dedicated to illustration, concept-art and design for some years. If you like my work you can follow me on Facebook and Twitter!! :D -------- www.facebook.com/therealraki or @Rakichi

  • Any shout outs?

    Enjoy your new tee!!

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Who Are You?
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princesspurp 3 hours ago
I absolutely adore this design, but have to say I am very disappointed by the colours of shirts. The purple is the least bad of the 3, being bright like the design, but even that doesn't really go with it, and the other two are ghastly! It would look stunning on a yellow shirt. Or red.
coelli 2 hours ago
Yes, I love the design but ultimately passing because of the colors it's being offered in. :(
Julia Powell 1 hours ago
I have ordered 2 purple shirts in the past and they are always more disappointing than they seem on the site. However, Navy I find to always make the shirts I bought with it look very nice. *Shrugs*
julianalafay less than 1 minute ago
I agree!  I often don't buy an awesome design because of the dark shirt colors, and other times I'll buy a less cool design because it's on a bright green or yellow shirt.  I have enough black, gray, and deep navy shirts.  Bring on the vibrant reds, oranges, yellows and greens!
[email protected] 3 hours ago
What's with no having kids sizes with the disney mashups?  I love ordering matching shirts for me and my kid(s), but lately medium is the smallest available.
TeeFury Staff 3 hours ago
Hi @[email protected]- It sounds like you're a great parent! Unfortunately this design is a bit too large to print on youth small tees. Every other size should be available though. We apologize about the exclusion of youth small on this particular design.
James Kovar 4 hours ago
Why does it look like the smoke is saying F You?
shohag 2 hours ago
nice catch !
Jason Drapeau 4 hours ago
"Such beautiful colors, I know, let's print it on the caca brown shirts we have."
MRender 7 hours ago
When I first saw this I thought it was Alice crossed with Tin Man, it's not, but it's still awesome! .....and I'm gonna pretend it is :)
TeeFury Staff 3 hours ago
 Hi@MRender-  It can be whatever you want it to be! =)
killator 11 hours ago
i am not a huge fan of Alice, but the last one sold me due to Cheshire cat being on it.

this one is dope, not into steampunk personally, would like more Cheshire cat plz
TeeFury Staff 3 hours ago
Hi  @killator - We'll keep that in mind! Thanks for the suggestion! 
TheRedX 12 hours ago
Another Alice in Wonderland shirt! You're trying to bankrupt me TeeFury.
killator 11 hours ago
i got the last one myself, have to pass this time, but it is well designed
improvnerd 12 hours ago
I wouldn't wear it on a shirt, but I like it. 
ladyfrost321 13 hours ago
I love this! such clever use of colors and a touch of steampunk make this shirt wonderful. 
TeeFury Staff 3 hours ago
Hi @ladyfrost321 ! Thanks! We think the artist, Raki, did a fantastic job!
dell3g 13 hours ago
That's actually pretty cool.. the art work is WOW