• The Way of the Hero
    The Way of the Hero

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    Inspired by an iconic Hylian Hero.

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    The Way of the Hero

  • Magnum!

    Tell us a bit about this design...

    Daniel Castelló Muñiz

    Mainly, I'm am a big fan-- it's one of the movies that has made me laugh the most. In this design I have represented him with his powerful look, the Magnum, which bridles objects in the air. I have long thought of making a tribute design to the film and the release of the sequel has encouraged me to make these three. AH! And I would love to wear any of these designs :D I am looking forward to seeing what new look he will surprise us with. What would drive his arch enemy crazy?

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fixit 9 hours ago
Have you guys been scaled back on the number of shirt colors you offer to help lighten the load? Love this Tee, but my collection is getting a little black and navy blue heavy.
Jennie_jenn 19 hours ago
Blue steel all the way! 
SHAMAN2216 19 hours ago
all these zelda shirts are gonna bankrupt me
herozeromes 11 hours ago
I hear you. Zelda shirts are now only second to my Star Wars shirts. 
thesnowdog 11 hours ago
Yup, me too. I'm supposed to be paying off my credit card a bit before I buy myself a monster GPU and an Oculus Rift this year lol
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