Today's Deal Ends In
by hyperlixir 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Jul.13
Heroes of Lylat
by biggers 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Jul.13

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Heroes of Lylat

Battle stats

Heroes of Lylat
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Brittany Davenport 3 hours ago
This FFIX shirt NEEDS to be a poster. I need it in my life. 
MRender 4 hours ago
Wow the heroes of lylat design is stunning! I want it even though I have no idea what starfox is!
cyberbat 4 hours ago
I REALLY want to know what that amazing tshirt is about now! I have no idea either.
Tristang Grose 5 hours ago
would love the starfox tee as a poster!! 
TeeFury Staff 4 hours ago
EllQuinn 7 hours ago
OMG!  FInal Fantasy IX shirt!  Love it!  Moogles > Chocobos any day!
jackalope82 7 hours ago
I love animal shirts and star fox was such a fun game. However each time I look at the picture I think coyote and not fox.. I don't know.. must have for sure.
Hell_Oh17 8 hours ago
The Star Fox shirt is absolutely gorgeous! Love it! Probably buying it :-)
DerSchreiber 9 hours ago
I'd get that Starfox shirt if there was only a black option... White shirts always look horrible on me.
TeeFury Staff 6 hours ago
Sorry about that! Unfortunately, you would lose a lot of the really great detail on this shirt if it was on black. Hopefully, we have something available that works for you in the future! 
laerwen 13 hours ago
D'awww, moogle! But the Star Fox shirt is just gorgeous!
TeeFury Staff 6 hours ago
So both? 
Rhase 15 hours ago
I have no idea what the animal artwork is from, and that's fine. It's absolutely beautiful. Very well rendered.
desaber 14 hours ago
It's Star Fox
TeeFury Staff 6 hours ago
We love that about this design Rhase! That even if you aren't into the fandom, it's still a beautiful piece of art.
Isla 15 hours ago
Also just read on yesterdays after tees that you're working on having tanks available soon. Do you think you'll ever do V-neck tees, personally, I think they're more flattering for womens fit. Just wondering!
FiercePhoenx 14 hours ago
Depends on the fit and your body. V-necks are actually my nemesis. For some reason, changing the neck to a V seems to change how much room is allowed for hips. But I do hope they start offering more options for everybody.
burritomouth 12 hours ago
Agreed. V-necks are awesome, and I would certainly buy them over many crew necks.
TeeFury Staff 6 hours ago
We are working on tanks! We are always looking into different shirt variations so we will keep your requests in mind!
freeboprich 5 hours ago
Yes, v-necks please!