Today's Deal Ends In
Fight Like a Girl
by sophiedoodle 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Jun.12
My Little Guardians of Friendship
by schlogger 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Jun.12

Battle stats

Fight Like a Girl
My Little Guardians of Friendship

Battle stats

Fight Like a Girl
My Little Guardians of Friendship
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  • Cult

  • Dragon Racing

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MRender 1 hours ago
I'm allergic to pastels :'(
But I like the Guardians/Ponies design so I'm getting it anyway :)
jackalope82 2 hours ago
I love the guardians shirt, the only things is that Rocket and the one on the far right, I forget his name at the moment. They both seem to be missing tails.. otherwise its adorable. I like the mash-up.. but the colors not so much..
BlaMo 2 hours ago
How sad, A super hero shirt for my 3 year old girl and you won't sell it in XS. That's kinda pathetic. There are so few women superheroes that aren't inappropriate (Wonder Women in her bustier, Power Girl and her cleavage) that it is hard to approve of a child wearing one. They are all too misogynistic and sexist. This one had a chance and you blew it. This isn't coming from a lurker, I own 80+ TeeFury tees and 7+ posters and have about 6 more tees I am waiting for delivery.
Faolan 2 hours ago
She'll grow into a Small
SaintMike 1 hours ago
Yeah! Buy it for HER FUTURE. <3
Erin Maniscalco 1 hours ago
Same here, wanted for my 4 year old daughter. Sad, I too am an avid teefurian.
Maehnenwoelfin 2 hours ago
Love the My Little Guardians shirt, but why three colors that are simply unacceptable???
srntyvalley 3 hours ago
Ahh, I'm so tempted to get the "fight like a girl" shirt, but I have so many black tees already!
xRabbit 4 hours ago
Love the black widow shirt! Insta-buy! I'm glad we're seeing some marvel shirts. I hope we see some with Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch soon! They're my favorites. 
714Star 4 hours ago
Being a mother, I especially like that I can get one for me, and one for my little girl. Cool combo.
TeeFury Staff 3 hours ago
Send us a photo when you get them! That's sounds like quite the duo :)
KoTBehemoth 3 hours ago
to the little girl.okay-okay, *noodle mode on*
JanderVK 5 hours ago
Ah, one t-shirt for the girls, and one for the boys... 
alwaysbtru 6 hours ago
Please oh please put the Fight Like a Girl shirt on sale tomorrow too.  Just love it, but out of funds at the moment.
Isla 6 hours ago
This is the first time in a while I have see a tee so neck and neck