Today's Deal Ends In
Join The Order
by TrulyEpic 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Feb.07
Death Eaters Unite
by TrulyEpic 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Feb.07

Battle stats

Join The Order
Death Eaters Unite

Battle stats

Join The Order
Death Eaters Unite
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jmatt033 1 hours ago
Getting both for my wife. Love them!
Romi003 3 hours ago
Great concept, the 'or else' lost me though.
morgan_loki 6 hours ago
I want the Death Eater one because Bellatrix is my favorite Harry Potter villain and Helena Bonham Carter is my favorite actress.
TeeFury Staff 7 hours ago
Hey everyone! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on today's artwork. Please make sure to keep comments relevant and respectful of the artist sharing his or her work. Thank you!
trism91 11 hours ago
A little underwhelming today. I love Harry Potter, but these shirts just don't grab my attention. Good artwork, just not as relevant as it could be.
shirbm 17 hours ago
The order of the phoenix one looks pretty great
Michelann Rousseau 18 hours ago
Hhhmmm Ginger or Mary Ann? I wonder how many will know what I am talking about? lol  Really though both are great graphic works.
StudyBudy 15 hours ago
Even as a kid watching that I couldn't work out how the Professor could be so clueless.
Dogdragon86 19 hours ago
It should have been Dumbledore's Army since that  was created by Hermione. 
IndigoEwok less than 1 minute ago
I agree, Hermione doesn't really make sense as a representative of the Order of the Phoenix.  At least, not as much sense as Bellatrix does for the Death Eaters.  I think I would have almost preferred a male character for Order of the Phoenix...
Garrett Stanczak 19 hours ago
Well out of the two, I'd say the Death Eaters one is the more convincing recruitment poster. For... ah.... purely artistic reasons of course...