Today's Deal Ends In
by hyperlixir 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Jul.12
Heroes of Lylat
by biggers 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Jul.12

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Heroes of Lylat

Battle stats

Heroes of Lylat
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MRender less than 1 minute ago
Wow the heroes of lylat design is stunning! I want it even though I have no idea what starfox is!
cyberbat less than 1 minute ago
I REALLY want to know what that amazing tshirt is about now! I have no idea either.
Tristang Grose less than 1 minute ago
would love the starfox tee as a poster!! 
EllQuinn 3 hours ago
OMG!  FInal Fantasy IX shirt!  Love it!  Moogles > Chocobos any day!
jackalope82 3 hours ago
I love animal shirts and star fox was such a fun game. However each time I look at the picture I think coyote and not fox.. I don't know.. must have for sure.
Hell_Oh17 4 hours ago
The Star Fox shirt is absolutely gorgeous! Love it! Probably buying it :-)
DerSchreiber 5 hours ago
I'd get that Starfox shirt if there was only a black option... White shirts always look horrible on me.
TeeFury Staff 2 hours ago
Sorry about that! Unfortunately, you would lose a lot of the really great detail on this shirt if it was on black. Hopefully, we have something available that works for you in the future! 
laerwen 9 hours ago
D'awww, moogle! But the Star Fox shirt is just gorgeous!
TeeFury Staff 2 hours ago
So both? 
Rhase 11 hours ago
I have no idea what the animal artwork is from, and that's fine. It's absolutely beautiful. Very well rendered.
desaber 10 hours ago
It's Star Fox
TeeFury Staff 2 hours ago
We love that about this design Rhase! That even if you aren't into the fandom, it's still a beautiful piece of art.
Isla 11 hours ago
Also just read on yesterdays after tees that you're working on having tanks available soon. Do you think you'll ever do V-neck tees, personally, I think they're more flattering for womens fit. Just wondering!
FiercePhoenx 11 hours ago
Depends on the fit and your body. V-necks are actually my nemesis. For some reason, changing the neck to a V seems to change how much room is allowed for hips. But I do hope they start offering more options for everybody.
burritomouth 8 hours ago
Agreed. V-necks are awesome, and I would certainly buy them over many crew necks.
TeeFury Staff 2 hours ago
We are working on tanks! We are always looking into different shirt variations so we will keep your requests in mind!
freeboprich 1 hours ago
Yes, v-necks please!
Isla 11 hours ago
I don't play starcraft but the design on Lylat is so incredible I may just have to buy it 
Isla 9 hours ago
Star fox*

TeeFury Staff 2 hours ago
Did you decide to get it?