Today's Deal Ends In
by AlcocoDesign 
Estimated Domestic delivery on May.15
True Love's Kiss
by ursulalopez 
Estimated Domestic delivery on May.15

Battle stats

True Love's Kiss

Battle stats

True Love's Kiss
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bonitadelrio 3 hours ago
That's two in a row, Teefury!  Are you going to make me buy three tees in a row?
yo momm 4 hours ago
Why is there a big white patch on the right side?
barefootlion 4 hours ago
It's his hand with his finger giving him a bat signal mustache
Kenny The Boss 9 hours ago
I love that joker shirt! Could you guys please make some daredevil designs or watchmen
AlcocoDesign 5 hours ago
Hi Kenny ! 
I will make other design like this one for sure ;)
Friends310 12 hours ago
I know I'm being nitpicky but it bothers me that the one fairy is purple and not blue and the other looks more pink instead of red like they should be. It's a really beautiful design so still debating if I should get it. 
iroc1989 11 hours ago
I agree, that really throws it off. Don't want to wear something inaccurate, no matter how beautiful.
Brian Turnbull 11 hours ago
might be your settings. she is red on mine but the other is def purple

Knightmarre 11 hours ago
I think its because Designs are only allowed to use so many colors, that purple is like the inside part of Maleficent's clothes, the wheel and the outline of a few stuff. same probably goes for the pink/red fairy, its also why the green fairy isn't a bit lighter, I think.
mwatk00m 11 hours ago
Agreed, Im not even sure if it needs the fairies OR Aurora, i think the best part of this design is malifacent and the dragon & spinning wheel.......sometimes less is more
Lstndelerius 10 hours ago
That's totally fair, except that the shirt is called True Loves Kiss, so technically Maleficent and Aurora both need to be in it.
Rennfaire 10 hours ago
I know, right. I am put off by that too. The design is gorgeous and Sleeping Beauty is my very favorite fairy tale. So I to must think about it.
book 8 hours ago
Think the design is great and  this is not a drawing done by a Disney  artist,.  I can enjoy  this as the artist  has a beautiful design.  Then too you have a limit on the number of colors you can work with in a design like this.  If you want it to look 100%   Disney then you have to buy Disney. 
mandyatlarge 2 hours ago
Exactly, thank you. 
nikeeweston 12 hours ago
Has to be Heath Ledger as joker in purple. 
Ben Phiz 12 hours ago
Like the first design apart from the battash
charles_r_cox 3 hours ago
I thought the stach was a funny addition, but felt the artist could have put a little more detail into the hand that formed the took me a second to realize it was a hand, and i didn't know Joker had a deformed pinky.