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Three Brothers Tale
by ManuelDA 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Sep.11
by TimShumate 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Sep.11

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Three Brothers Tale

Battle stats

Three Brothers Tale
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cotcwomen less than 1 minute ago
The 'Three Brothers' design is *amazing*!
Loki_Lady 2 hours ago
"Three Brothers Tale" is *excellent* work.  Its creepier than I want for myself, but still really awesome as art.  Kudos to ManuelDA.
denatale1 2 hours ago
Hey, all of you men that are complaining that the flying monkey shirt doesn't come in BLACK???  It DOES come in CHARCOAL!!!  Close enough, I'd think...
Kimara49 2 hours ago
Tim love the Flying Monkey. Truly creepy!
Cactmoore 2 hours ago
That is the most metal flying monkey I have ever seen.
redsugar 3 hours ago
Zombie monkey? Am I missing another reference? I love the flying monkeys, especially since Chistery, but his eyes are creeping me out...
coleen.carlson 2 hours ago
It's supposed to look like the flying monkey from SyFys Oz starring Zooey Dechanel. It's amazing.
redsugar less than 1 minute ago
Oh! You know, I actually saw that mini-series, but I don't remember the monkeys at all. Thanks for the reply, so I didn't have to keep wondering!
bizarra 4 hours ago
Why o why do the men get the nice slate blue and the women get the cheery OMG!BLUE. it doesn't work with the Minion shirt. I'll echo the comment that it should be in Black....

That said, OMG! FLYING MONKEY I HAVE TO GET IT!!  But not in blue. LOL
margaretgd 5 hours ago
Three Brothers Tale is so beautiful, kudos to the artist.
ManuelDA 3 hours ago
I'm very glad that you like it, thanks a lot!
erinm_4600 6 hours ago
TimShumate - you are my new favorite person.
Threemoons 7 hours ago
Can someone tag up the mashup on the Flying Monkey shirt?