The Days of Gods and Demons
by dannyhaas 
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The Days of Gods and Demons
The Days of Gods and Demons
  • Tell us a bit about this design and what is the message or meaning you're trying to convey.

    Design inspired from when Gods and Demons ruled the forests.

  • Who are you?

    Danny Haas is an artist who lives and works out of Orlando, FL. and has done work for Disney's WonderGround Gallery, Marvels Cinematic Universe Novels and Star Wars Masterworks for Topps.

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The Days of Gods and Demons
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djspiderman less than 1 minute ago
does it bother anyone else that they charge more for plus sizes? 
Kibbonafide less than 1 minute ago
Loton Cagle less than 1 minute ago
Yes. Should be the same for all sizes.
giaimo13 1 hours ago
I get a ton of compliments when I wear my One Peace t-shirt from TeeFury. Maybe we could have Nother One Peace offering? 
biggers 2 hours ago
Love this shirt and this artist's work! Well done.
Django1Chain 7 hours ago
Im pretty understanding in realizing not every shirt is for me and that someone somewhere is loving it, but why does it seem like the same characters and shows are put up? Believe me, I do get it that not every shirt is specifically for me, but it seems like the diversity and different shows, styles, and characters is becoming repetitive
Kibbonafide less than 1 minute ago
Spider-Man, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Bob's Burgers, Princess Mononoke, Alice in Wonderland, Pokémon, Mad Max, Disney Princess, Batman, Predator, Jurassic Park...that's the diversity represented over the last week or so...with never two days repeating a topic, seems all over the place to me!
Ritchie M 8 hours ago
Is this an iron on or is it part of the shirt?
Kibbonafide less than 1 minute ago
Part of the shirt.
rocketdave 9 hours ago
As was pointed out by someone else, the design is not a million miles removed from a different design from a short while back.  However, this one is more aesthetically appealing to me.  I'm very tempted to buy it, even though Princess Mononoke is not my favorite Stupid Ghibli movie.  I'd kind of like to see a Nausicaa shirt, or a Howl's Moving Castle one. 
Loton Cagle less than 1 minute ago
Mica Kole less than 1 minute ago
Yes, why, why, oh why have they never done Nausicaa?
ADKboomer 9 hours ago
Lovely design.  Am trying to resist a purchase...would be my 3rd mononoke tee.  a tad excessive.
Rachel Candler 9 hours ago
I really want it... but I also have no money... but its really pretty... GRR!
Noreenb8 3 hours ago

I feel that way every time I get on this site!

mestrezen 10 hours ago
Didn't they had a Mononoke Hime shirt almost exactly like this a few days ago?
nikeeweston 11 hours ago
What is it about? 
Iobaer 11 hours ago
Princess Mononoke