Today's Deal Ends In
The Sins of the Father
by adho1982 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Feb.11
Goku Man
by Ratigan 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Feb.11

Battle stats

The Sins of the Father
Goku Man

Battle stats

The Sins of the Father
Goku Man
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slytheus 4 hours ago
Nice FMA design!
Notthedoctor 15 hours ago
Instabuy for the Fullmetal Alchemist shirt! I already have so many black t shirts though, which color do you guys think looks best?
StudyBudy 10 hours ago
Black - there is no such thing as too many black t-shirts
PawesomeX 6 hours ago
Navy - if you want academy look.
Zany88 2 hours ago
Black because black and red go together so well for a Homunculus shirt
timconklin 15 hours ago

Perhaps they can change it before they are printed?  A last minute change perhaps? 

I feel bad for the artist on this one.
TeeFury Staff 14 hours ago
Hi, Tim-- we've brought the "U" back into "Homunculus" through the process of alchemy! Shirts will be printed with the correct spelling.
Pweenie 13 hours ago
Yesssss! Thanks guys, you're the best! Now you can get all my money! :D
Zany88 2 hours ago
cool that was my only draw back, that Homunculus shirt is just too great to pass up
ZombieZebra 16 hours ago
I would buy the Fullmetal Alchemist shirt if Homunculus was spelled correctly.
Destoroyah 16 hours ago
Oh wow. I just noticed that. That could be a deal breaker for most.
MissAme 16 hours ago
wow yeah. Was going to but now that you pointed it out I'm definitely not buying it.
Soulwhisper 15 hours ago
Yep was about to be instabuy for me and my gf before you pointed that out. So lame ><
RCElliott 14 hours ago
Wait what's wrong with the spelling? According to my Latin textbook H-O-M-U-N-C-U-L-U-S is correct.
liquidtrails 14 hours ago
They just changed the spelling...very impressive!
RCElliott 14 hours ago
Whoops, nevermind, I see that this is an updated version. 
TeeFury Staff 14 hours ago
Hi, ZombieZebra -- with the help of the Philosopher's Stone, we've summoned a "U" to get the spelling correct. Shirts will be printed with the correct spelling of "Homunculus".
jflb96 7 hours ago
Do you think you could use the Philosopher's Stone to turn a shirt into a poster?
adho1982 8 hours ago
Oops. I'm only humon ;) Glad to see it was spotted and corrected so quickly.