• Nigma Deathtraps
    Nigma Deathtraps
    Nigma Deathtraps

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    Nigma is probably my favorite part of the games and I wanted to create something built around his signature Trophy. My goal was to emphasize the question mark and build around it with a mix of his industrialism and manic-ness. Riddle me this! What letter of the alphabet can you wear?

    • glow_in_the_dark

    Nigma Deathtraps

    by everdream

  • Quinn of Diamonds - Suicide Deck
    Quinn of Diamonds - Suicide Deck

    Tell us a bit about this design...


    This is a classical Pin-up pose but I felt that I needed to convey a better image of who the character is. So I thought of making her part of a Playing Cards deck as the Queen of Diamonds. That pretty much nailed the composition as a whole.

    • artist_debut_badge

    Quinn of Diamonds - Suicide Deck

    by KimiSz

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yonker69 less than 1 minute ago
Quinn of Diamonds was an instabuy for sure.  Would also gladly purchase in poster form if it was done with just her card as the entire poster it would look amazing.
Kirsten Krenicky less than 1 minute ago
wait - where are the images of people wearing the shirts? are these shirts or posters? I love the Harley Quinn, but I can't see where the image will fall on a shirt
Zugarific less than 1 minute ago
there are arrows on the side of the image that will slide to the tshirt models.  Took me a minute to figure out, think they designed this site for tablets or something.
Matthijsvr less than 1 minute ago
just press the arrows on the side of the picture!
scarecrow less than 1 minute ago
Fantastic shirts - instabuy on the Harley Quinn one.
Not so fantastic web design - a scroll within a scroll is never good and I agree with an earlier comment that the ads for the other products are kinda drowining out your main product (a daily shirt). Nothing wrong with reverting to a previous design.
puninsher 1 hours ago
harley quinn=instabuy. 
bald_scotsman 1 hours ago
I tried to post earlier that the new layout works very well on mobile but then it wouldn't let me enter any text! Soooo...now that I'm at my computer; the new layout works very well on mobile....but is rubbish for commenting :) PS Two extremely cool designs!!!
Isla 1 hours ago
It does but you just have to double tap to "zoom" into the comment box to make a comment :')
laceygirl 1 hours ago
Stop moderating comments
killator 2 hours ago
Not a fan of the new layout
Wimbley 3 hours ago
have to say i really hate the new layout... why make the items that you are trying to sell smaller an your advertisements bigger??  the new layout is just awful, sorry
Samjenn34 3 hours ago
Harley Quinn is my spirit guide, haha
taintedfire12 3 hours ago
Ok, seriously...WHAT is going on with the layout?! If it ain't broke, don't fix it! ><
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