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    This mash up of the Deliverer of Darkness as a large terrorizing symbol of destruction only seemed fitting in the form of the Godzilla movie poster!

  • Who are you?

    Steve from Create or Destroy with my buddy Juan who I have taken under my wing as a new artist trying to make a name for himself.

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StarWallace 5 hours ago
Yay! I can finally add it to my cart!
TeeFury Staff 3 hours ago
Awesome! Sorry for any frustration this may have caused!
StarWallace 3 hours ago
Maybe you guys should extend the sale period to make up for the difficulty. Just a suggestion.
fobiz 5 hours ago
Really want this shirt but can't add it to my cart!
TeeFury Staff 3 hours ago
Hey fobiz - We are vert sorry about this! The issue has now been fixed.
Bravd 5 hours ago
6 hours left and the shirt won't add to the cart.  :(
TeeFury Staff 3 hours ago
Hi Bravd - You still have time now! We are very sorry for any inconvenience - we have now fixed the problem!
EBDD 5 hours ago
Can't add it to the cart either :(
TeeFury Staff 3 hours ago
Hey EBDD - The problem that was not allowing you to add it to cart has now been fixed! We are very sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.
jolly137 6 hours ago
Loved Samurai Jack. Want the shirt. Can't add shirt to cart. HALP :-(
TeeFury Staff 3 hours ago
We fixed it! You should be able to add the shirt to your cart now. We are very sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. 
whitelabrat 6 hours ago
Ladies and Gents:
Your desire for 2 designs a day is understandable.
The reality though is that some times they don't have 2 great designs with the same theme available. One of the reasons I like this site is the fact it has really nice designs, particularly mash up designs I don't see in the same quality in other places. I would rather have one good interesting design instead of sifting through a bunch of half baked designs with sub par artwork. 

sgnl 7 hours ago
I love this, I am sad that I do not get p[aid today! ;_;
wethesqueemish 7 hours ago
Really want to buy this one but like others, I can't add it to my shopping cart :(
TeeFury Staff 3 hours ago
Hi wethesqueemish - We are very sorry for any inconvenience! We were able to figure out what was going on and make the necessary changes. The problem is now fixed!
calm_spaghetti86 7 hours ago
I liked having 2 shirts to choose from :/ 
TeeFury Staff 3 hours ago
Hey calm_spaghetti86 - Sorry for your frustration! We are changing things up around here. You can expect a TwoFury on Tuesday and Thursday this week. 
ebonymonk 8 hours ago
Website is broken I tried to purchase but cannot add to cart.
Kibbonafide 7 hours ago
Have you made sure to select both a color and a size first? It could still be broke but that's a common thing people have issues with.
TeeFury Staff 3 hours ago
Hey! We are very sorry about this issue - we have now fixed it! You should be good to go.