Today's Deal Ends In
They're for Touching
by TrulyEpic 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Jun.07
Chica Hamburguesa
by Italiux 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Jun.07

Battle stats

They're for Touching
Chica Hamburguesa

Battle stats

They're for Touching
Chica Hamburguesa
  • pokegym

  • Cult

  • Dragon Racing

  • Megan

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StarWallace less than 1 minute ago
That kimmy is the clown of nightmares... yikes...
ROBOrob77 2 hours ago
Nice designs, but not for me.
leebraineatr 2 hours ago
But you guys passed on this exact same design months ago?
Shawn Proctor 2 hours ago
The linked design is one I would strongly considering wearing. This one is, to be honest, is like wearing a psychotic Ronald McDonald. The effect is quite jarring.
susanmarie8 2 hours ago
I'm sorry that happened to you. Your design, I'm assuming the linked design is yours, is much better. In this one she does look like a deranged clown .  
leebraineatr 2 hours ago
For clarification, the design is by the incredibly talented Justin Peterson, not my own. Send your apologies his way!
Misa1 2 hours ago
Thanks for sharing this info. I too like his design much better than this one.
Muffincannon 3 hours ago
They alive, dammit

Isla 5 hours ago
Not for me but it's cool you've got some different fandoms going on here like Kimmy Schmit! 
killator 9 hours ago
ThunderX 10 hours ago
I thought that was Pennywise when I first looked to the right. Creepy. XD
ImthBadWolf 11 hours ago
Unbreakable! Love it.
Aapplero5e 11 hours ago
I think its kimmy schmit
hampton27 11 hours ago
kimmy all the way!