• Threeller Moon
    Threeller Moon

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    This is a tribute to one of our favorite artists ever :)

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    Threeller Moon

  • Strigoi

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    Some of the properties of the strigoi include: the ability to transform into an animal, invisibility, and the propensity to drain the vitality of victims via blood loss. Strigoi are also known as immortal vampires.

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SHAMAN2216 less than 1 minute ago
the mj shirt is great but the teefury staff comments makes it an instabuy

TeeFury Staff less than 1 minute ago
EEEE HEE HEEE (that was our best MJ impression for you)
Shane Guy 4 hours ago
NICE job on Nosferatu!  Have you seen "What We Do In The Shadows" ? Great laughs there.
TeeFury Staff 4 hours ago
That's definitely at the top of our "must watch" list!
serialworm 3 hours ago
It's a must watch for sure.  Had me rolling on the floor.
department 3 hours ago
Awesome movie.
MRender 5 hours ago
Wow! The artwork on Threeller Moon is incredible!
TeeFury Staff 4 hours ago
Glad you're digging it!
ivyarmy 7 hours ago
VIGO you KILLED this One!  Must Buy.
TeeFury Staff 4 hours ago
We are OBSESSED with this tee!
kaylarbear 7 hours ago
Michael Dogeson.  I never could have dreamed this would happen.  xD
LUCKYDRAGON 14 hours ago
killator 16 hours ago
ok finally something i need

TeeFury Staff 4 hours ago
WOO! Glad you like it!
LeonSolfayer 16 hours ago
A shirt based off my favorite MJ song? Yes please!
TeeFury Staff 4 hours ago
Would you say this shirt is... THRILLING?
gimmeshirts 16 hours ago
That MJ shirt is awesome
TeeFury Staff 4 hours ago
Kinda makes you wanna moonwalk, doesn't it?
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