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Catch 'Em All
by Kuitsuku 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Jul.13
by zerobriant 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Jul.13

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Catch 'Em All

Battle stats

Catch 'Em All
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WeSailAtDawn 2 hours ago
Fastest insta-buy ever for me, for the Kung Fury shirt. Knock, Knock!
Isla 2 hours ago
The pokemon tee looks so smart in silver
killator 3 hours ago
Almost got the knuckles one thinking It was street fighter. Love the art btw. But it appears it's for a movie I've never even heard about :(
WeSailAtDawn 2 hours ago
It's from Kung Fury. It's an amazing short film.
Django1Chain 3 hours ago
Pokemon!!!!! I dont know if I should buy 2 somebody help me
Pillz 4 hours ago
Another awesome pokemon TFury shirt to walk around and get compliments on yeh yeeeh.
cheerdealer 5 hours ago
Hail hail to Kung Fury, everyone
aaaa 5 hours ago
A Kung Fury shirt?! Awesome! However I just bought a shirt from Teefury and have too many to wear already. I have to think about it. And I almost feel to bad for it that it's up against a Pokémon shirt. I guess a lot of people won't get the Knuc-kles reference because they haven't seen Kung Fury.
SenorFace 6 hours ago
KUNG FURY!!!! Another instant buy! TeeFury rocks!! This site is awesome!!
Silvenium 6 hours ago
I haven't gotten a Pokemon shirt since your old Charmander silhouette design on red (random grab bag, though I don't wear it often because the image seems a little too vague to me). All of my other ones are licensed and so worn out from me wearing them and age. So...time to get a new one!
Roosevelt Owens 7 hours ago
what is the Knuc-kles tee in reference to? 
xenoriddley 7 hours ago
I think it's a reference to that Kung Fury movie that recently came out.  It's the same style.
zerobriant 6 hours ago
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bS5P_LAqiVg you are missing a lot :P