• Eyes of the Dark Side
    Eyes of the Dark Side

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    Come on the dark side we have t-shirt!!!

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    Eyes of the Dark Side

  • Rebel Scum-Speeder
    Rebel Scum-Speeder

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    Wear it with pride, you Rebel Scum, you!

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    Rebel Scum-Speeder

OverSeer 11 hours ago
For the record, the Rebel-Scum shirt says "May the Force be with you" in Aurebesh.
CoryFreeman 10 hours ago
Actually it's "May the Force be with us" ... the idea being that it's from the perspective of the Rebels
Gonzora 13 hours ago
"Eyes of the Dark Side", hum? Hello Persona Eyes!
jglebano 13 hours ago
Somewhere Count Dooku is sad....  :(
tortugaviejo 15 hours ago
Don't worry guys- next week we'll get a wave of Doctor Who shirts, followed by Game of Thrones and then more Totoro ones.
Gloating Planet 16 hours ago
The Eyes of the Dark Side shirt is missing the most important Sith Lord. Where's Jar Jar Binks?
wildgues 17 hours ago
Aren't the Sith out of order? And missing a few?

kommunis 18 hours ago
Not sure I understand the mixed messages... seems random Star Wars lines...

May the force be with us
Rebel Scum
Snowspeeder Pilot
JussMess 15 hours ago
Bingo! Great artwork no doubt, but I don't get the text either? Any clarification on why those 3 lines make sense together would be appreciated. And like I said, excellent work as ALWAYS by coryfreeman (whom has designed MANY of the tees in my collection), just don't get the "choice" to put those 3 slogans together? Keep crankin em' out CF! You rock!
CoryFreeman 9 hours ago
Hey guys... thanks for the comments. 
The idea here was that the design would be worn by Rebels, who have embraced the "Rebel Scum" name (in the same way that many of us proudly identify as "geeks, despite the term's sometimes negative connotation).  This design is part of a series, each design featuring a different Rebel ship. So pilots would represent their ships and the "May the Force be with US" speaks to the Rebels as a whole. Phew!
bunkator 18 hours ago
Star TREK is celebrating it's 50th year! Lets see some Trek shirts again please!
carrowsboy 20 hours ago
Star Wars has become beyond tiresome at this point.
TygrrLilley 9 hours ago
No-one is "force"-ing you to buy this shirt. (see what I did there?)
Kid Arcade 20 hours ago
Enough with the Star Trek shirts already...
datacoman 20 hours ago
and that's why these are Star WARS smh
Jake Young 20 hours ago
Don't feed the troll.

rylosprime 20 hours ago
GeoffRance 12 hours ago
xkcd reader I see.
Danio237 19 hours ago
Danio237 20 hours ago
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