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Fellowship of the Willow
by Joe Wright 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Mar.09
by louisros 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Mar.09

Battle stats

Fellowship of the Willow

Battle stats

Fellowship of the Willow
  • Galaxy Forest Conservation

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  • February 2015

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Alyse Hill less than 1 minute ago
so angry there is no slate for women...the turquoise doesn't match the design at all.  why do the guys get all the good color choices - like they have to coordinate as much!
Nichelle Hammer 2 hours ago
Why no slate for women? The turquoise isn't nearly as complimentary for this design. :(
jtmeow 10 hours ago
While I do wish that slate were available for the women's t-shirt, that's not enough to deter me from buying one. Bought another for my LOTR partner in crime, and I know he's going to love it
Baphemetis 11 hours ago
Fellowship was tempting until I saw that the best color for it (Slate) wasn't available for women. Makes me sad to have to pass on such a slick design!
Cait Williams 11 hours ago
Again with the no slate color for women. This is getting extremely frustrating. Turquoise is loud! Give us slate! 
Thallys 11 hours ago
I have to concur, it doesn't look as good with the turquoise and the white is just kind of plain.
M_Steben 11 hours ago
Also wish I had it in the slate option for women! :C I guess they were out! 
patevett 12 hours ago
I really want both, but am having a difficult time recalling what the Hobfoot shirt is mashed up with. Any thoughts?
Dauntless 11 hours ago
The Hobfoot one is of Bilbo in the classic Bigfoot stance.
InsaneStrawb 13 hours ago
Dear TeeFuryians.
My Business Studies teacher has told me I need to conduct a survey about market research so I chose TeeFury because of their services, goods and awesomeness! I have produced a survey which I have posted on here for the past two days but I need some more respondents to fill in.
I've currently got 162 responses at the time of posting but I'm looking for 200. Thanks to all the people who've already filled it in and helping me with my project :)
InsaneStrawb 10 hours ago
Thanks for all the repsonses! Nearly at 190, need about 10-13 more so keep them coming :)
JediTears09 14 hours ago
What, exactly, does the elvish script in the Fellowship of the Willow say? I tried to translate it, and it seemed like just nonsense... but I'm not exactly an expert here.
funkdefunk 13 hours ago
"I eat punks like you for second breakfast"

jk I have no idea.
Kristen Smith 12 hours ago
I am pretty sure that is the script that is on the One Ring, which technically isn't in Elvish, so that would answer why you couldn't translate it into Elvish.  
JediTears09 11 hours ago
Ohh, wow, duh.  I just had to overcomplicate it.  That would also explain all the z's!
Ronald Hamilton 11 hours ago
It's th black speech from the one ring. 
Katie Hull 14 hours ago
I am a historical archaeologist and a Tolkien nerd...that Blue Willow design is the best damned thing I've ever seen on TeeFury. I am buying two for myself because I plan on wearing one until it falls off me, and I will need a backup. Brilliant. Would love the poster!