Today's Deal Ends In
by ZombieDollars 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Feb.09
I Want To Belieeeeeeve!
by TEEvsTEE 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Feb.09

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I Want To Belieeeeeeve!

Battle stats

I Want To Belieeeeeeve!
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Akam0nk3y 5 hours ago
I find that the daily tees fit me fine when I order my size but the collections run different!  It's really frustrating.  Once one was too big and another time it was too small, meanwhile they're all the same materials?  Grr.  I mean I love this site because of the prices and awesome designs but I think I'll stick to the daily ones cause they fit me better.  X-Files rock! :-D Bring back "Snowdis"!!  I need
Muffincannon 7 hours ago
More invader zim please
TylerCS 8 hours ago
So I don't know where else to put it than in the comments. I want an ancient aliens tee. I want it to be the creation of adam but it would be an alien reaching to touch giorgio tsoukalos' finger. Hes the meme guy with the crazy hair.  Or shirts to wear to disneyland. Talespin. Ducktales. Darkwing duck. Chip and dale.  Go go artists!

Also I love both designs and if i was still in highschool id buy the invader zim tee. I might still get the i still believe though. 
Kevin Francis 3 hours ago
I didn't realize it until I read your comment, but I need a Talespin shirt in my life.
Heather Williams 11 hours ago
Any artist reading this, I will launch money at you for a decent Final Fantasy 9 shirt! I loved 7 but that'll all you ever see these days =( I'm just useless at art! Thanks! (It's worth asking right?)
gpc_4 12 hours ago
When I look at the "I Still Believe" shirt I keep thinking "Don't cross the streams."
Raerei 12 hours ago
Ah I love them both! Two of my favourite shows. Why do you have to post such good tees in January?! 
citroncrazy 14 hours ago
As much as I want the X-files shirts to keep on coming, I can't spend my money today. I've never seen Invader Zim and the "I still believe" shirt is just too on the nose for me. I want Megan Lara or MedusaD to come up with some X-files artwork. 

good luck to both artists! thank you for representing the X-files, because it just doesn't get enough exposure nowadays
willphase1 15 hours ago
YYEEESSSSS!!!! take my moneys!!
t_freak 15 hours ago
Love Zim but the wording ruined the shirt for me. Just not that into the X-files. Nice art though.
Grim Sarjantson 17 hours ago
Bought a top from these guys for my mrs and it was terrible. Not as advertised and the quality of the t-shirt is poor.
Mothball_M 14 hours ago
My friend has had this problem, but only with the larger sizes. The small-mediums I buy for me and my partner are all fine?
Zany88 14 hours ago
that's weird I've gotten a few shirts here already, around 7ish, and they have all been of good quality
TeeFury Staff 12 hours ago
Hi Grim - Thanks for getting in touch with us and we apologize for any inconvenience. Please get in contact with us on our "Contact Us" page (under the Help) tab at the top of this page, and a customer service representative would be happy to assist you with your tees.
spab23 9 hours ago
I've bought about a dozen TeeFury shirts and they've all been top-notch! It's my most reliable online t-shirt store.
mandyatlarge 8 hours ago
Same here. 
rats 8 hours ago
The women's (really girls') tees are made with a different material (lighter) than the men's shirts.  I prefer the lighterweight women's shirts but the sizing is for teenage girls -- you really have to order a size (or two) up to get it to fit.  I will say that whenever I had a problem with the fit (ordered 3XL, got something marked 3XL but it barely fit my daughter!), TeeFury has fixed it fairly quickly.  Only once did they not have the color I originally ordered so I had to get another one.