Red, White, 'Murica Sale! Get $5 off your purchase of $25 or more from July 3-5. No coupon code required. 

Today's Deal Ends In
Catch 'Em All
by Kuitsuku 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Jul.14
by zerobriant 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Jul.14

Battle stats

Catch 'Em All

Battle stats

Catch 'Em All
  • Portrait of Greatness

  • staff pick air dominus rex

  • Fourth of July shirt sale

  • leggings

  • Shiny and Chrome

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spoonmanx 2 hours ago
I'd love a DANGER 5 shirt.. You know, the amazing show which Kung Fury borrowed HEAVILY from. :P
AlienFlower 2 hours ago
Maybe a Triceracop one next????? :)
skycarter 6 hours ago
did not get the $5 off my order either
TeeFury Staff 3 hours ago
Sorry about that! Go ahead and put in a ticket, under the help tab above and we will be able to personally assist you with this. Thank you!
Herman Instefjord 7 hours ago
How do I get the $5 off?
TeeFury Staff 3 hours ago
There is not coupon code needed to receive the discount! Just make sure that the subtotal of your order is $25 before tax and it will automatically be deducted from the total!
therealzehner 8 hours ago
I'm a little disappointed that neither of these are Back to the Future shirts...the 30th anniversary is today! But the Pokemon one is still cool too.
jabbott 8 hours ago
It's not white - it's silver/gray. Purchased!
Melissa Stevens 9 hours ago
I have so many black shirts, what's one more?! xD; Man, I wish there was another color besides white, and navy. :(
Nathan Guzman 9 hours ago
I get that the shirt is Kung Fury, but why does it say "Knuc-Kles"?
Shane Varsos 7 hours ago
"Who's there?"
"...Knuk-kles." -Punch into stratosphere-
Ryukaicomix 9 hours ago
Had to buy the Pokemon shirt just couldn't say no
mega+ultima25 9 hours ago
Oh my goodness, love the Pokemon shirt! So cool, totally buying it!
TeeFury Staff 9 hours ago
Awesome! You're going to love it!