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Today's Deal Ends In
Fight Like a Girl
by sophiedoodle 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Jun.12
My Little Guardians of Friendship
by schlogger 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Jun.12

Battle stats

Fight Like a Girl
My Little Guardians of Friendship

Battle stats

Fight Like a Girl
My Little Guardians of Friendship
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Emma Adler 2 hours ago
I love the Alexander Rodchenko inspired one! Just too awesome! 
Molly Aldridge 4 hours ago
Can anyone help me out here? I can't work out what the extra word is at the side of the Black Widow one >_< It's clearly seperately to the "Fight like a girl part", and at first I thought it was Russian, but then I realised a couple of the letters in the other part are backwards so I vaguely wondered if it was that and I just can't make it out...!
Nick Atwell 4 hours ago
It's actually super clever. That part really IS written in Russian using the cyrillic alphabet, and is "вдова" the Russian word for "Widow". As in "Чёрная вдова" or Black Widow in English.
Daino L less than 1 minute ago
how is it Чёрная? where does that come from, am I suppose to get it out of the fight like a girl part?
Sophie Hayes 4 hours ago
it says "widow" in Russian
chat_noir 6 hours ago
Had to get both! lol
Lunamothra 7 hours ago
I love the Rodchenko inspired black widow shirt! 
dubloe7 7 hours ago
Can't you see you're not making my Little Pony better, you're just making Guardians of the Galaxy worse.
nikeeweston 5 hours ago
RCElliott 7 hours ago
I'd go for the MLP/GOTG one if they were more than recolours. Drax is obviously Bulk Biceps, Groot is Big Mac, Gamora is Fluttershy, Peter is Doctor Whooves, and Rocket is Spike. If more thought and orgiginality had been put into each of their designs instead of copying pre-existing pony designs, I'd have gone for it in a heartbeat.
DenzPG 5 hours ago
how dare they
MRender 4 hours ago
Exactly how do you think mash ups work?
If they didn't look like existing characters it wouldn't be my little point would it??
BloodfrayGiant less than 1 minute ago
It would still be MLP if he kept the pony style. Just look at My Little Shadowfax / Epona / Buckbeak. The artist used the MLP theme and adapted it more to the current characters. This mashup is using the literal images of known characters with a different colour palette.
BloodfrayGiant less than 1 minute ago
It's actually Rarity and not Fluttershy, but I totally agree with everything you said. At first glance it was an instant buy for me, but after looking more closely I'm not sure at all.
CoDizzleSkizzle 9 hours ago
If you'd crossed GOTG and SHIRT TALES... I'd have bought 2
nikeeweston 9 hours ago
Love love GOTG but just cannot wear a my little pony t shirt, sorry.