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Today's Deal Ends In
The Dreams in Which I'm Dying
by RockyDavies 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Feb.09
Go! Penguin Go!
by Poopsmoothie 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Feb.09

Battle stats

The Dreams in Which I'm Dying
Go! Penguin Go!

Battle stats

The Dreams in Which I'm Dying
Go! Penguin Go!
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whaletan less than 1 minute ago
Hmmmmm, go flyers.
ghostofdavid less than 1 minute ago
I agree with Megan Dew. Also, why is this shirt not available in BRIGHT PURPLE? UGH
Megan Dew less than 1 minute ago
I'm having a hard time, because I really like the design of the Joker shirt a lot. And I kind of get the idea of using lyrics from Mad World because the joker is mad, but it still seems strange to have those lyrics on the shirt. I would just love the joker design without the lyrics honestly. Or if the lyrics used were "It's a very very mad world". That would make more sense with the image. 
phayith 2 hours ago
That Penguin design is awesome! 
Wimbley 2 hours ago
ok the 80's mash up shirt designs just aint working! that idea was bad the first time and should have been retired.

not every idea is one you can just plug in any old random thing in and have it work, 80's T's are not like pocket T's
Grimmturd 3 hours ago
So, is the Joker design a mash-up with Donnie Darko? The lyrics from the Tears for Fears song "Mad World", as remade by Gary Jules for the movie, '..the dreams in which I'm dying..'. Movie takes place in late 1988. It's a sweet shirt, regardless!
stacyswirl 3 hours ago
Oh man!  That joker design is wonderful, I've seen that artist's work before.  They also did an '80s style Doctor Doom, if that were ever printed on a shirt I would instabuy it!
Kurlija 3 hours ago
It was! Sadly I missed out on it too, but they have printed his Dr. Doom, Alien and Predator designs on here.
Nemons 5 hours ago
Go Penguin Go is fantastic
Michelann Rousseau 7 hours ago
Born and raised in Da Burgh!  I am very tempted to get the Go Penguin Go design. I must sleep on it. I am loving the mashup.
darkurthe 8 hours ago
The Penguin-Hockey mashup is brilliant.