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Tales of a Wizard
by mmarcin 
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Tales of a Wizard
Tales of a Wizard
  • Tell us a bit about this design and what is the message or meaning you're trying to convey.

    la saga de gandalf en un portrait

  • Who are you?

    de France, a 200 km de paris au nord.

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yonker69 less than 1 minute ago
Love the design.  I hope this one ends up a poster too like your Hitchcock design.
Isla 2 hours ago
Women of teefury, can I have a little help? I'm a size 8-10 tshirt size (4-6 US size) and I'm never sure what tshirt size I should buy. Small is just far too small so if you're my size do you go for medium or large womens fit? Thanks for your help in advance! :) 

Ps Fantastic design today 
ShadowFox15 1 hours ago
When I ordered mine I measured one of my shirts that I know fits well and then compared it to the sizing guide on here :) 
vrh88 1 hours ago
I'm a 10 (Aus) I find the medium is a nice fitted size, but the large is a more comfortable relaxed fit.
AAB0908 less than 1 minute ago
Do you like your shirts snug or no? I would go ladies large or men's small or medium if you want a looser fit. 
Dorothy less than 1 minute ago
It sounds like you and I are similar.  I order a medium, but it's pretty snug, almost too snug in the shoulders (I have broad shoulders for my size).  Like others have said, if you like a snug fit, go with a medium, or order a large for a more relaxed fit.  

Isla less than 1 minute ago
Thanks guys this was really helpful!
mmarcin 4 hours ago
Hello everyone,
thank you all for your comments.
it must be seen in large, on T-shirt.
there Legolas, the leader of "orcas", eagles, bears, Hobbit, an army, a cart, landscapes, the mountain, the dragon..vous excuse my english
foducool 4 hours ago
dude, good job on this design ^^
Jaime Cornejo 4 hours ago
lovely expression of Gandalf, I was ready to get my copy, but Legolas bugs me a lot. It really pops out when I think it should. I would let the old wizard with the tiny Hobbit hidden, no Legolas, no Elf Army, no dragon. Less is more. 
kajinkens 6 hours ago
Would love to see some gundam and ghost in the shell designs
jediredhead 7 hours ago
Amazing art work. 
laceygirl 7 hours ago
It actually looks more like Professor Dumbledores brother..... It looks so much like Harry Potter, that the Legolas figure looks really out of place or is it just me.... I see the werewolf of professor lupin, voldermort on his nose,  the grim, the birds.... Its a really unclear concept..... Even though its supposed to be LOTR.....
thrashingale 7 hours ago
No idea what you're talking about, clear references are clear.

And I think the only reason Legolas stands out so much and feels out of place is that... well he's just super blatant right there. Everything else is rather subtle and blends into Gandalf's features... and then bam, there's Legolas!
MissAme 7 hours ago
why are some of the shirts in the Anime Collection $20?? The most I had ever seen shirts be was $17. I want one of the shirts in that collection but i do no have $23 to spend on a shirt unfortunately.
jediredhead 7 hours ago
You don't have an extra $6? New job or maybe shirts shouldn't be your concern. 
Nykidxxx 4 hours ago
$6 is a lot of money, some people in africa live off of $2 a day, in india the wage is about $0.50/hour. But in all seriousness, it's not like we work to only buy tshirts, we need to pay for everything else too.... $6 for 1 shirt isn't much, until you ask us how many shirts we buy in a year :P
RHamblin438 7 hours ago
The more you stare at it the more elements seem to pop out. Very cool. 
crsbenjamin 7 hours ago
Is the Red. White. 'Murica Sale still going on? The banners are still up, but a discount doesn't seem to be applied to my order.
wickerx7 6 hours ago
It seems though they are located on the west coast they go by eastern time on sales.