Today's Deal Ends In
Be One With Cookie
by Obvian 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Apr.09
Cthookie Monster
by BeastPop 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Apr.09

Battle stats

Be One With Cookie
Cthookie Monster

Battle stats

Be One With Cookie
Cthookie Monster
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MPrast 4 hours ago
On a positive note:  I actually got both! I do think that the "Be One with Cookie" should totally have a back print of the Cookie quote on it: "Today me will live in the moment. Unless its unpleasant, in which case, me will eat a cookie"
Fred Kerns 4 hours ago
[Got An Error Notice] There are times when I wish there was technology capable of allowing complex pictures to morph back & forth. Not just the 1950s "wiggle-picture cards," where moving a textured plastic card caused two pictures to morph back & forth. Combining "Zen-Cookie" with "Cthookie-Cookie so they switched between "Angel-Cookie" and "Demon-Cookie" would be great!
JGold 5 hours ago
Cthookie Monster made me lol, but shouldn't it be "Cookie Cthulhu," since Cthulhu is a type of monster?
JanderVK 11 hours ago
Oh yeah, another Khtulu parody shirt. Woo! :rolls eyes: Most of these kids can't tell you who HP Lovecraft is or the majority of his work, but "Cthulu is like soo cool dude! I see it in pop culture all of the time! I wear it with my one skull jacket of a punk rock band that I don't even know." /endrant
SaintMike 11 hours ago
Calm your elitism.
JanderVK 10 hours ago
Michael Baker 9 hours ago
If ever there was a reason to buy a shirt, it would be  to thumb your nose at the unrepentant elitist.
Its interesting that this is the shirt you chose to expose you intolerance on. Quite telling.
Daino L 12 hours ago
cookie monkster.
mattauckland 13 hours ago
Why don't you do 4XL any more? Clearly you're alienating a demographic that would love tees like these.

Oh well, off to find someone else to buy good tees from.
Kwill81 13 hours ago
Hmmm, Enlightenment vs Insanity.
thrashingale 14 hours ago
These are hilariously adorable and so well done. I especially like Be One With Cookie! (:
tlburrill 16 hours ago
I like "Be one with the Cookie" But I like the colors of  Cthookie Monster better, and I do like that one too. Hmmm will have to think on this one
Hell_Oh17 17 hours ago
Cookie monster shirts!!!! Awesome...but what are those colours for "be one with cookie" :-s Powder blue is maybe the better but not so great :-(
Balthier 12 hours ago
I like these colours. Better than constant Navy and Black.