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by Ste7en Lefcourt 
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  • Tell us a bit about this design and what is the message or meaning you're trying to convey.

    Nature is wondrous. The symbiotic relationships that have evolved between organisms inspired this piece. To think mitochondria might have once existed separate from the cells they inhabit makes one wonder what else might weave its way in some day.

  • Who are you?

    By day I am an illustrator living in sunny California. By night, I am asleep.

  • Any shout outs?

    Hello to my muse. You know who you are —I hope— because I sure don't, and I would really like to find you.

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About this Design
Ste7en Lefcourt
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MRender 4 hours ago
Anyone know what the artist is talking about? 
DNA doesn't drift about waiting for a cell and mitochondria don't change, so is this some film science thing? Or just a nonsensical design?
Matt Ducote 3 hours ago
Google "endosymbiont theory." 
Ste7en Lefcourt 2 hours ago
What Matt Ducote said.
xboxfreak_07 6 hours ago
Anybody else having troubles with the "teefury20" coupon code?
InsaneStrawb 5 hours ago
The code does not work on the daily tee or the grab bag but it should work on anything else. Hope this helps. Also if you wanted to get a pair of the shoes but realized they were too expensive then now is the time to get them because they're nearly $20 cheaper. 
Isla John 6 hours ago
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ADKboomer 11 hours ago
this is one of those designs that suffers from all the tees having to fit the design in that fairly smallish -navel to upper chest - area.  just imagine if the dna chain stretched the entire length of the shirt... 
heavyhands 10 hours ago
it would look dumb?

killator 11 hours ago
idk why i check daily, it just lets me down. be well. im outtie
X Chris 11 hours ago
And all you do when you check is complain, just like yesterday. Maybe you should just shop in places that always sell what you want.

On the other hand, I purchased yesterday's tee and am seriously considering this. Nice work and congrats to the artist.
thrashingale 11 hours ago
Your loss, but thanks for stopping by! You won't be missed.
Mistiekins 11 hours ago
If you log on expecting to like/love 100% of the shirts, then your expectations are way too high. This site is catering to a wide audience, not just you
darkkari 11 hours ago
Lucifuge84 11 hours ago
Even I'm not crazy enough about Spiderman to buy the tee, but even I'll admit that today's design is REALLY cool. I'm not let down at all just because I don't buy it.
SenorFace 10 hours ago
stop feeding the troll. TeeFury ROCKS!!
Wimbley 6 hours ago
No, TeeFury usta rock, back when every day there was original designs with original art, nowadays its just the same ole unoriginal designs with the same ole unoriginal pop culture mashups
cogsturning 10 hours ago
i dislike almost all of the designs, even if it's from something i like, but its worth taking the couple of seconds of the day to check because every once in awhile there's something awesome.
InsaneStrawb 4 hours ago
Don't keep complaining all the time. Just go 'That t-shirt isn't for me' but not everyone needs to know that. We come on everyday to see you whinging and whining about how you dislike the t-shirt. If you don't like it move on or go find another website where you like the t-shirts. Even if you don't buy a t-shirt on here, TeeFury are still gonna sell t-shirts. So the only person you're wasting time for is yourself.
jediredhead 4 hours ago
Dude seriously shut up. Everyday this is all you do. Get a life man.