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Dancing With Elements
by kharmazero 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Mar.12
The Jasmine Dragon
by KindaCreative 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Mar.12

Battle stats

Dancing With Elements
The Jasmine Dragon

Battle stats

Dancing With Elements
The Jasmine Dragon
  • Tea Mug

  • Elemental Masters

  • Galaxy Forest Conservation

  • YouthSizes

  • Ecto Coolest shirt

  • Shirts and Recreation

  • Caff-Fiends Collection

  • LLAP

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VAharleygirl less than 1 minute ago
Love the Korra t-shirt - looks great on my son!
RoboticOasis less than 1 minute ago
Amazing! Both are just so great! I'm so getting Iroh! Love that old man.
Kibakins less than 1 minute ago
Destoroyah 2 hours ago
Dang. Been waiting for a pretty good Iroh shirt. Sad part is, I'm broke again XD. Well not true, just can't keep spending. Teefury is an addiction lol. Literally my entire closest is all from Teefury.
Irishmykl 5 hours ago
Both are awesome im a big ATLA/ LOK fan, I had to buy them both!
Kibakins 4 hours ago
WalkingGlenn 8 hours ago
Dancing with Elements is the first shirt I've bought in 2-3 months! So cool.
I also have "Dream Job" and" La Dame au Dragon" from this artist.
Much designs. Very T-shirt.
D2DVincent 8 hours ago
Sorry, but I'm not a big fan on the whole "Avatar/Legend of Korra" line of TV shows, so I'm gonna have to pass on it. If I see a League of Legends Tee though....Then it's another matter..
Destoroyah 2 hours ago
I agree. I really hope to see more League of Legend shirts on Teefury. I've only seen 3 that I know of pop up. 2 Teemo and 1 Jinx. Would be sweet to see a beer shirt from League. Pretty much Gragas's Ale XD. Gragi Ice or however its spelt. Or something to do with Demacia or Noxus. Or just more Champ Tees.
queenofperil 9 hours ago
Haven't ordered a shirt from Tee Fury in a long time, but I couldn't say no to Iroh. 
Kibakins 9 hours ago
Thanks for getting one!
speaknoevil 10 hours ago
Definitely an instabuy on the Iroh shirt. Easily my favorite Avatar character and this design just blew me away.
Kibakins 9 hours ago
Thanks, I am glad hes your favorite too :)
jamiOwlyson 11 hours ago
Iroh. Instabuy.
Kibakins 10 hours ago
Thank you!
Phineas1 12 hours ago
What's the Dancing with the elements shirt from?
Kelly Coalson 12 hours ago
The Legend of Korra