Sailor 'Shroom
by AutoSave 
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Sailor 'Shroom
Sailor 'Shroom
  • Tell us a bit about this design and what is the message or meaning you're trying to convey.

    Just a mash up that sort of made sense in my mind. Oh so fabulous and sparkly!

  • Who are you?

    I am AutoSave (a.k.a Chris) from the South of England. I am a huge gaming and anime enthusiast!

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Sailor 'Shroom
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Heleenj 2 hours ago
I love the picture, I wanna buy it but the shirt color it self is boring. I wish I could have it in baby pink. D: Or just black at least.
Jirafa305 4 hours ago
Saffa 10 hours ago
Just bought two more shirts from the gallery, Ive got zero space left in my cupboard but I can't stop buying the awesomeness. my daughter lives in her batman high tops.... I am certain we are the best dressed family on the block. Loving the new look site and the collections and new goodies available. I love you Teefury.
TeeFury Staff 4 hours ago
Thank you for taking the time to write that out! We appreciate you bing part of the TeeFury community so much! We love you too! 
Samjenn34 13 hours ago
So cool, love character mash ups
TeeFury Staff 4 hours ago
Of course you already know this, but we do too!
Jsan101 14 hours ago
Oh Bravo
Peachiko 16 hours ago
Hey, Teefury! How is the cut, for the "youth" sizes? o.o Is it just a smaller 'unisex' look, or? 
LUCKYDRAGON 15 hours ago
more of a unisex look in my opinion
Peachiko 14 hours ago
:D Thank you! .. And blah! I'm sure the kiddos wouldn't mind, but I don't like how unisex looks. :C
TeeFury Staff 4 hours ago
Thanks Luckydragon for answering! That is correct - the youth sizes are a unisex kids tee.
EmeraldxStar 16 hours ago
Aaaaaaw! I freaking LOVE the design but I can't stand peach! This is killing me! Do over please with the actual sailor moon XD
Peachiko 16 hours ago
TeeFury Staff 4 hours ago
Glad you stopped by today!
killator 16 hours ago
love it, wouldnt wear it, but i love it
Alidoll 12 hours ago
I felt the same with the 80s shirt - loved the concept but didn't want to walk round with 80s emblazoned on my chest so passed on that one. 
vynnessia_black 17 hours ago
That is cute. I may have to buy it.
TeeFury Staff 4 hours ago
Did you decide??