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    Buffalo Bill's Body Lotion
    Buffalo Bill's Body Lotion

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    Im an illustrator who works heavily in vector art on the iPad using an app called Adobe Draw. I love emulating pen and ink techniques, especially how they relate to different types of traditional printing methods in my work and have been very influenced by music posters old and new.You can see a lot more of my work at brianyap.com This design came out of a love of famous bad guys and the lines they are known for. The character from the film was a truly original character and it just seemed like the lotion scene was ripe for a parody product.

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    Buffalo Bill's Body Lotion

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    Cthulhu World
    Cthulhu World

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    Such a cool character I wanted to try something different with this drawing and colors. It had HP in there from the get go. For colors it was green initially but once I tried the red, felt it pulled it all together.

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    Cthulhu World

ShadowHawk1973 less than 1 minute ago
Too bad you put an actual skull on the moth. You really would have had a winner if you'd have done the moth right.
lwiddup less than 1 minute ago
Can someone tell an old lady what Cthulhu is? 
Ed Cook less than 1 minute ago
I LOVE the buffalo bill shirt. Just wish it came in larger sizes.
Leelee 1 hours ago
I LOVE the Buffalo Bill shirt, just wish it was a different color....light shirts dont survive my house :(
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