Today's Deal Ends In
Let the Wild Rumpus Start
by Florey 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Mar.14
Unexpected Virtue
by Glen Brogan 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Mar.14

Battle stats

Let the Wild Rumpus Start
Unexpected Virtue

Battle stats

Let the Wild Rumpus Start
Unexpected Virtue
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Wimbley 2 hours ago
would have bought Unexpected Virtue if it didn't have the birdman in it B^(   and yes i know what it is referencing
Domnosaur 6 hours ago
While I love the Birdman art, I'd LOVE it more as a print! Any chances of that??
BC138mtg 8 hours ago
Honest question: how do you get away with what appears to be so many serious copyright violations? Back in the day you guys posted awesome mash ups and parodies and artistic interpretations/homages of things. Now it seems much of what gets posted in just art of characters from popular media franchises. 
funkdefunk 4 hours ago
I agree.  I don't even think the wild things is any different from the book.  Derivative copyrights only go so far...
Wimbley 2 hours ago
well they once would yank stuff down for copyright violations... way back before they even started with the mash ups and pop culture tees, back when there was nothing but original art shirts... its how we would get deadbird shirts.
LeonardSimms 15 hours ago
Hey Glen. Will you please make a shirt for each of the Oscar Nominees. You couldn't take my money faster than with a Grand Budapest Hotel shirt or a Whiplash shirt.
did13 16 hours ago
It's great that Glen is on teefury.
Got a more than a couple of his designs a few years back on 
One of my favorite artists.
Spoonman 20 hours ago
Second time in a week that I've been disappointed by the color options. "Unexpected Virtue" looks great on a lighter colored shirt, but why is sand only a youth-size option? I can't wear cream-colored shirts, so I had to buy the Samurai Jack design from a few days ago as a silver-colored shirt even though it would have loooked amazing on sand - at that time also only an option for youth-sized shirts. That time I could justify the purchase, with this one I can't.
bullit16 21 hours ago
The Birdman shirt is absolutely stunning. Fantastic debut, Glen Brogan! Looking forward to seeing what else you've got!
Destoroyah 21 hours ago
Of course we get a Birdman Tee. I guess we might see a few more of these cause it won Best Picture.
Rennfaire 22 hours ago
I love the blue Spock design. That is a must buy for this geek.
RHamblin438 22 hours ago
Glen Brogan your Birdman tee is amazing. Feel like Emma would sue for use of her likeness lol. 
BabeOfCakes 21 hours ago
Agreed. Shirt is spot on
Melissa Gandarinho 12 hours ago
Double agreed.