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Today's Deal Ends In
Over Your Dead Body
by TimShumate 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Aug.15
Playhouse Portrait
by AudreyBenjaminsen 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Aug.15

Battle stats

Over Your Dead Body
Playhouse Portrait

Battle stats

Over Your Dead Body
Playhouse Portrait
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Jennifer Abramczyk less than 1 minute ago
Cute design. Same old BORING colors. Where are the pinks? Greens? Purples? Reds? Why is everything on grey black and navy?!?
wheresmytea less than 1 minute ago
Oh god Pee Wee!  Instabuy!  May have to get both though.

Deameus 2 hours ago
While I have no real interest in Pee-wee Herman, I have to say that shirt is gorgeous! Fantastic style! I'm going to go check out some other work by the artist now. :)
MRender 2 hours ago
Love the Addams family and this is another great design from timshumate.
Have to have it
InsaneStrawb 5 hours ago
What is Playhouse Portrait referencing? I get the Wednesday one but not that one
BlackMN 5 hours ago
Pee-wee Herman
InsaneStrawb 4 hours ago
Oh ok. Thanks :)
PawesomeX 5 hours ago
Going bold and getting both.
Lolita85 6 hours ago
I saw the Wednesday shirt on another site a few weeks but held off on it saying if I saw it pop up again I would buy it. well....... It would be the third Tim shirt I have.
InsaneStrawb 7 hours ago
Loving that Wednesday design, such a good design. 
Miabell 8 hours ago
Love the Wednesday shirt. Wouldn't wear it, but still. Gorgeous design. 
Gooby_Tunes 8 hours ago
How small are the youth shirts? My niece's birthday is coming up, she's turning three, and my favorite nickname for her is Wednesday. 
MamaOlympias 6 hours ago
My son is 3 about to be 4 and the XS fits him a tiny bit baggy.