Memorial Week Sale! Enter coupon code "teefury20" at checkout, to receive 20% off your order. Excludes Grab Bag and Daily Tee.

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Today's Deal Ends In
My Little Swiftwind
by Italiux 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Jun.05
Prime's Autoshop
by Nemons 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Jun.05

Battle stats

My Little Swiftwind
Prime's Autoshop

Battle stats

My Little Swiftwind
Prime's Autoshop
  • 20sale EXT

  • Dragon Racing

  • Argyle Leggings

  • 1WhosCute

  • Cult

  • Balance

  • Megan

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blapuser 2 hours ago
I tried to order a t-shirt from the gallery (the Sunnydale blood drive one), but when I came to checkout this came up: Sale was closed for this product. Why?
MRender 3 hours ago
Loving the Swiftwind design, the only question is whether I get one for my daughter too :)
jrivas5000 5 hours ago
Is the 20% off code working at all???? I can't get it to work on a pair of shoes!!
chriskTF 4 hours ago
There was a issue with the effective date range-- please try again, it should be working now. Sorry for the inconvenience!
jrivas5000 6 hours ago
I'm trying to buy the E2T2 and I can't use the 20% off code.
chriskTF 4 hours ago
Please give it another go-- I checked with that item and the discount should apply now.
Racinante 6 hours ago
Coupon code excludes daily tee and grab bag.
Tommychamp 6 hours ago
Anyone else not able to use the coupon code?  Also, I'm liking the Prime shirt.
Reliccx 6 hours ago
Read the fine print.
orchid_love 6 hours ago
Coupon code isn't working for me either. It says the sale is extended but it says the code is not valid.
chriskTF 4 hours ago
Pardon for the inconvenience-- the issue has been fixed.
funkdefunk 6 hours ago
...and some days are a bit one sided.
dell3g 6 hours ago

I'm definitely feeling that prime shirt

hampton27 7 hours ago
im liking prime's autoshop!