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Three Brothers Tale
by ManuelDA 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Sep.12
by TimShumate 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Sep.12

Battle stats

Three Brothers Tale

Battle stats

Three Brothers Tale
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pastrygoblin less than 1 minute ago
Soooo... how long is the wait time to get tickets answered currently?  Been waiting 7 days now. Frustrated since order was placed Jul 17th and shipped Aug 10th....
neozeo24 less than 1 minute ago
They answered my ticket in about a week, but after that they answered about each day after I replied to their comments.
crackrocks less than 1 minute ago
they answered mine weeks later. and it was a generic message about how theyve been really busy with orders.
marcam 3 hours ago
Oooh.  Any chance we could get this in a tank top?

MRender 4 hours ago
Wow! TimShumate designs are always incredible and the Deathly Hallows design is amazing! 
Congratulations to 2 very talented artists
ManuelDA less than 1 minute ago
Thank you very much!
cameraman86 5 hours ago
I don't get the three brothers one what it's from?

AlienChief 5 hours ago
Harry Potter. It's the Deathly Hallows 

cameraman86 5 hours ago
K thanks 
jarisai less than 1 minute ago
Seriously?  The deathly Hallows.  Hello!!!!   You have to know Harry potter to understand
cotcwomen 7 hours ago
The 'Three Brothers' design is *amazing*!
ManuelDA less than 1 minute ago

Loki_Lady 8 hours ago
"Three Brothers Tale" is *excellent* work.  Its creepier than I want for myself, but still really awesome as art.  Kudos to ManuelDA.
ManuelDA less than 1 minute ago
Glad that you like it!
Thank you!
denatale1 8 hours ago
Hey, all of you men that are complaining that the flying monkey shirt doesn't come in BLACK???  It DOES come in CHARCOAL!!!  Close enough, I'd think...
Kimara49 9 hours ago
Tim love the Flying Monkey. Truly creepy!
Cactmoore 9 hours ago
That is the most metal flying monkey I have ever seen.
redsugar 9 hours ago
Zombie monkey? Am I missing another reference? I love the flying monkeys, especially since Chistery, but his eyes are creeping me out...
coleen.carlson 9 hours ago
It's supposed to look like the flying monkey from SyFys Oz starring Zooey Dechanel. It's amazing.
redsugar 7 hours ago
Oh! You know, I actually saw that mini-series, but I don't remember the monkeys at all. Thanks for the reply, so I didn't have to keep wondering!
JanderVK 5 hours ago
You've never seen Wizard of Oz?