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Mermaid Wars
by tombancroft 
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Mermaid Wars
Mermaid Wars
  • Tell us a bit about this design and what is the message or meaning you're trying to convey.

    This design combines to films that are near and dear to my heart. Strangely enough, a female main character works in both!

  • Who are you?

    Tom Bancroft

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Mermaid Wars
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Leeef less than 1 minute ago
flounder and the seagull bots crack me up too much to actually buy this.

mmont935 less than 1 minute ago
Little Mermaid +  Star Wars = me, 11 bucks lighter. Amazing shirt!!! Still deciding between black or navy...
Isla 1 hours ago
Awesome job on this what a cool design!
Isla 1 hours ago
Also as a guy who has worked for Disney you have the full right to animate anything disney related! Whoa!
adiestel2000 2 hours ago
Tom Bancroft?! I mean Tom Bancroft...? Anyone?! If anyone in this world has the freaking right to make a mashup like this it's him. Man I didn't really plan to buy one but I'm seriously tempted now... hm. (I met you at CTN last year btw. so Animator-Highfive!)
brainrice88 5 hours ago
Had to buy. Two of my favorite things mashed up.
Wisdomlust 5 hours ago
Excellent job!
cptnfunbags 7 hours ago
So, Salacious Crab?

tombancroft 7 hours ago
Pointy Eared Bow Twanger 7 hours ago
Looks nice.  The design is clever and the art is good. :)  The only problem I have with it is that she looks a bit odd with the skirt.  I don't think she needs it to show who she is.  I LOVE Flounder as R2D2. :)
LeftSeat 6 hours ago
Well, I guess she needed the 'skirt' as you call it to hide her 'fishy bits'. :D
casket 7 hours ago
i have no interest in either of these movies but love this shirt!!! Bravo sir!
tombancroft 7 hours ago
Thanks casket!
Stephanie 7 hours ago
This shirt is the BEST!! Seriously, my two favorite things!! I have been waiting for this shirt. Well done, Tom Bancroft.
tombancroft 7 hours ago
Thank you Stephanie!
Stephanie 5 hours ago
You said that these two movies are near and dear to your heart. I'm thinking you and I would get along very well, Tom! :)