Tales of a Wizard
by mmarcin 
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Tales of a Wizard
Tales of a Wizard
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    la saga en un portrait

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    de France, a 200 km de paris au nord.

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Phoolish 5 hours ago
Amazing design. If it goes to a poster I buy instantly.
Kay Ramsbottom 5 hours ago
Magnifique! Brilliant design. Can anyone help me find the cart in the design? Also, what does the figure on the left represent, that looks like a standing otter?
Trilby A 4 hours ago

Errr cart button isn't appearing where it usually does to me, the figure on the left if Beorn, the shape- shifter who becomes a bear, or at least so it seems to me.

Kay Ramsbottom less than 1 minute ago
Oh yes, of course, it's Beorn, thank you. It's not the shopping cart I can't find, it's Gandalf's cart, which the artist said is somewhere in the design.
ciderman 8 hours ago
Wow, just... Wow!
hlagas 12 hours ago
Please make this a poster!
renmaxbd 13 hours ago
Beautiful artwork. For those of you complaining that there is too much gong on:  The name of the art/shirt is "Tales of a Wizard". .... Gandalf was involved in pretty much everything that went on in the entire series, that's a lot to cover in a tee shirt design. I think it is a great job!
JanderVK 13 hours ago
After going months without buying a shirt (for myself), it's 2 days in a row! 
TeeFury Staff 13 hours ago
We are winning with JanderVK :)
schiiism 14 hours ago
Lovely design! :) One suggestion I might offer the artist is that silhouette is an important aspect of character recognition. Since Gandalf's main unique features are his wizard hat and beard, cropping them out takes away from the image's impact. This is particularly true considering the abstracted facial features (which are awesome by the way). Part of the reason the Hitchcock design was so great was the inclusion of his classic neck tie and suit. 

That said, I'm still buying it!
TeeFury Staff 13 hours ago
Hey schiiism! Thanks for your thoughts on this - you make great points. If the hat and the beard were included it might be too large for a tee - it would have to be much smaller than this one and we would then lose a lot of the great detail. This might be the lesser of the two evils - What do you think? 
schiiism less than 1 minute ago
Good point! It's all a give and take and real estate on shirts is not infinite. In the end art is subjective and it's all opinion about whether detail or silhouette is more important. I just get a little sad seeing his beard short haha
JanderVK less than 1 minute ago
Schiiism, it's actually based off of the movie poster. It doesn't show his full beard or a hat. Google image Hobbit Movie Gandalf Poster, and it's the 8th one on the top row. 
MaureenTen 14 hours ago
Bonjour! tout d'abord, bravo pour les designs j'ai particulièrement aimé celui d'Hitchcock, et je me demandais si il était possible de faire une requête pour un design Walking Dead ? J'ai cru comprendre via la présentation que vous habitiez dans le Nord de la France, donc si ce n'est pas via TeeFury, serait il possible de s'arranger entre particuliers? J'habite moi même dans le NPDC. Dans l'attente de votre réponse, merci et encore bravo!
book 15 hours ago
This is a great design.

yonker69 17 hours ago
Love the design.  I hope this one ends up a poster too like your Hitchcock design.
TeeFury Staff 13 hours ago
It just might! 
djspiderman 12 hours ago
Yes, please!