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Vincent Van Who?
by John Sumrow 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Apr.09
by upsidedownowl 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Apr.09

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Vincent Van Who?

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Vincent Van Who?
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MRender 1 hours ago
Don't think I've ever been quite so emotionally effected by a design before. I'll shed a year for Vincent then buy the shirt that makes me smile.
Congratulations to John Sumrow on a fantastic piece of art.
likeariot 2 hours ago
Oh man. That Vincent & The Doctor shirt is gorgeous. There are few moments in television that are that moving, and that dead on about depression. I bawl every time I watch it.
rats 2 hours ago
Bravo!  Thank you for explaining the significance of the Vincent Van Who t-shirt.  I was unaware of that episode and the little bit that's on YouTube made me smile and cry too.  Kudos to John Sumrow for a beautiful shirt!
pottergoose 2 hours ago
you're welcome.  I showed my mom that exact same clip when she couldn't grasp why I adore the show so much.  She was very moved by what the doctor had done for Vincent
TheWeezNerd 4 hours ago
I told myself I would stay away from tee fury and not make any more purchases. . . and I cannot even stay away 2 weeks! This Vincent shirt is everything!
Jodie Fox 4 hours ago
Anyone who makes a claim that this is some crossover shirt needs to watch Vincent and the Doctor immediately, or at least the last five minutes of it!
Jodie Fox 4 hours ago
*cries in corner over theimage on left.  How am I supposed to buy something so beloved yet will tear my heart out anytime I look at it??
TheWeezNerd 4 hours ago
I know your feels! ='(

white_rabbit 5 hours ago
Very nice shirts. I love the VG episode <3
catalinita 6 hours ago
Finally! I was giving up on you. I thought the Who Haters had won! And I do like Vincent Van Gogh, too!
Elizabeth Weston 6 hours ago
Oh Lord please not more Dr Who, I think he's represented very well in this store. 
Soulwhisper 6 hours ago
Oh Lord no more Dr Who complaining, I think we have enough of that on this site.
Agawin 6 hours ago
Especially when it has been over a month since the last Doctor Who themed shirt.
Sentry616 6 hours ago
Get a room you two
scosco8 6 hours ago
There hasn't even been a Doctor Who shirt sale for quite awhile. It's not fair to us who like DW to completely take away Doctor Who shirts just to please you. 
pixelfae 5 hours ago
I just spent 3 days at Emerald City Comic Con and was in a room full of thousands of Doctor Who fans listening to John Barrowman talk about his time on the show. So even though I'm currently broke from the con and won't be able to afford either of these shirts today, I appreciate seeing the beautiful artwork presented on them. 
Lucifuge84 5 hours ago
And it's been crossed over with EVERYTHING. Sometimes I have a hard time finding a shirt for a series I like that's not a crossover haha.
Master13 5 hours ago
I totally agree. I would buy the Vincent Van Gogh shirt if Dr. Who wasn't connected to it.
Jodie Fox 4 hours ago
This isn't a crossover!  This is deliberate, this was a very special episode that rings true in many whovians hearts that touches upon Van Gogh's depression, and ends with Van Gogh having the rare chance to see his work come to life at the Musee' D'orsay long after he had died and thought his artwork wouldn't sell for even a nickle
Shanti Roy 4 hours ago
Oh gosh, you're making me cry now. That was such a powerful moment. 
When Sumrow started painting this I thought I'd rather if it was just Vincent but nah, I'm a Doctor Who fan and now I will forever think of that part of the show where Vincent got to see how much his work was appreciated.
I'm still not happy they dodged the whole fact that he had bipolar though. There was a little bit of a manic moment in there but it was easily forgotten. 
Jodie Fox 4 hours ago
And if you don't believe me, look up "Doctor Who Vincent and the Doctor" if you need more proof this isn't a crossover.  It's a direct reference to an episode