Today's Deal Ends In
Gamer Nouveau
by MedusaD 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Feb.06
Yakoopa Luigi
by Eduvieirart 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Feb.06

Battle stats

Gamer Nouveau
Yakoopa Luigi

Battle stats

Gamer Nouveau
Yakoopa Luigi
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Michelann Rousseau 1 hours ago
Oh wow Gamer is absolutely gorgeous.  If I were a gamer I would buy that in a heart beat. The detail is incredible.  would love to see that as a poster.
My college age kid loves Mario and Luigi. 
Archersaurus 2 hours ago
All the awesome gaming references aside that woman is knock-you-over-turning-to-look-again hot.
She's like a curry.
I want to go on about how hot she it but it will make me sound sexist...
She is so hot she's making me sexist....
Julia Bachkurinskiy 1 hours ago
I don't think you'll sound sexist if you say she looks attractive.

Going into sexual detail about it or telling what you would do to her might give off a sexist vibe. Or maybe complaining about the fact that it's a woman on the shirt (because a lot of sexist men think women can't enjoy video games) might be sexist. but saying she looks hot/pretty/attractive doesn't sound bad.

Heck, I'm a straight woman and I think she's beautiful!
leahnicole 2 hours ago
I love MedusaD!!   Bought!!
JSE 4 hours ago
Both cool designs! The Gamer Nouveau though is gorgeous & my sister in law will love it! Bought!
Glitterbat 8 hours ago
I adore the "Gamer" design so much, but my only complaint is that most of the games shown are Nintendo-centric.  I've never played any of them, so I feel a bit odd about wearing a shirt with them so prominent.

Now, if there was a PC- or PS-centric version, or even just a more generic one, I would buy that in a heartbeat.  The design is stunning and I love it.
ladymoriel 6 hours ago
Kind of the same issue here, but a PC is also pretty prominently displayed, so I'm okay with it.
Glitterbat 5 hours ago
Well...a *monitor* is displayed.  I also see a keyboard, a Gameboy, and whatever that black and red console is (atari, maybe?  There seems to be a joystick in there as well).

It's mostly the fact that, besides, Tetris, every single character on there is from a Nintendo game and I have no emotional attachment to any of them.  It's just not my fandom, so I don't feel entirely comfortable with it.

As I said, it's a lovely design.  I'm gonna wait and see if more versions get released.  =)
kabloobilen 9 hours ago
Is the gamer one supposed to be Vivian James? 
Romwald Blackdere 9 hours ago
It isn't. It's just a redhead girl who loves games.
ladymoriel 6 hours ago
That thought was the one reason I wasn't sure if I wanted to buy this shirt. >_<
ladymoriel 3 hours ago
Fwiw, I'm talking to the artist on Twitter now and she wasn't really familiar with GG; hadn't heard of Vivian James before. So yeah, the red hair is just a coincidence.
MedusaD 3 hours ago
As some people there has stated, my character has nothing to do with that controversy. More info here 
kceasley 12 hours ago
Gamer Noveau... want waNT WANT!!!!!!!!
danikaze 13 hours ago
Since Gamer Noveau is hard to understand... just search Alphonse Mucha ;)
You are welcome
TOTOKITTY 5 hours ago
Yes, the girl is reminiscent of Job, which just works on so many levels :3
Shalimar Henderson 16 hours ago
Please please PLEASE make Gamer Nouveau available as a poster. I need this in my life!
shirbm 17 hours ago
Woohoo! I love the gamer design. Do I want it on a shirt or on shoes? I can't decide!