We Can Redeem It
by Bamboota 
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We Can Redeem It
We Can Redeem It
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    This is a Collaboration between Bamboota and Scott Blair of one of the most Badass Female characters in any film!

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    Bamboota: https://www.facebook.com/BamsArtandStuff Scott Blair: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Scott-Blair-Art/304938482528

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jaredevans less than 1 minute ago
shiny, and chrome.
faeriexdecay 4 hours ago
Bless you, Teefury, for selling this. I need more amazing women on shirts.
michael riche 7 hours ago
doesn't she have really beautiful blue eyes? why change that. that would help the design pop.
amazon284 8 hours ago
Josh Buechler 9 hours ago
A really forced slogan for a character and a movie that had several fitting slogans like "We Are Not Things"
Jennifer Gorman 11 hours ago
I'll likely be getting it, but considering Mad Max's pallet, really would have liked some tans/browns/reds in this one...
Kilyra 11 hours ago
Agreed :)
danisaunders917 12 hours ago
There was a group of men who boycotted the film because they thought the movie had too many strong females (still not sure why that's a problem). Seeing the Mad Max character mashed with an iconic image of the original feminist movement makes my heart sing. Props for this one TeeFury! You made me proud. 
koramur 13 hours ago
I like the art, but can we get at least one bright color instead of usual black, navy, charcoal?
julianalafay 8 hours ago
That'd be cool!  The navy could be replaced with the same bright blue in the banner.  That'd look pretty sweet.  Or perhaps a vivid orange?
revbrett 13 hours ago
The movie didn't really grab me and I don't buy shirts like I used to, but kudos to the artist for a good riff on a classic idea.
Rennfaire 19 hours ago
Yeah, Bam, has another hit. I love it. The best Rosie mashup i ever saw.